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Smh. 135.8. Back where I started from. And to think I was 133.0 on  Friday morning. ;(
134.6 again 
Man! I'm so sorry. I actually did weigh in on Monday but forgot to post it. I even wrote it down! I guess when you gain it's not nearly as exciting to  post so you tend to put it to the back of your mind. I weighed 134.6 on Monday morning. Sorry about the late post.
133 this morning. Maybe I can get serious now that a lot of the stress is gone !
134.6. Went up a little Geared up and ready to work harder this week.
So excited for you Lilac!. Congrats on the twin boys.  As for my weigh in, I'm 133.8 this morning.  My  health nut daughter is back off her trip so I'm hoping to do some jogging with her this week and drop it on down a little more.
Weighing in at 135.8 and height only  4'11".  I'm sure I won't be growing in height but hope to be dropping a few pounds this time. I'd like to be in the 120's by the end of this round.
I'm in again!  Please!?
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