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Putting an gel ice pack on your breasts before nursing can also help since it numbs the area.    Good luck!
SO interesting to read all the different experiences. amcal--6 times you've exposed your kids and no pox and nothing on the titers?! Wow....Now THAT stinks.....You def. win the award for persistence, though! 4babes--you're here! That's a really interesting tip about the clothing. Wish we had known that a few weeks ago....I hope your latest exposure does the trick for your kids.
Is it b/c much of the CP going around now is from shingles or folks who get cp after getting the varicella vax? Any other ideas? My 4 y/o dd just had CP. She got it from another homeschooling kid who we made a playdate w. BUT, last year I took her to someone from MDC whose kids had the pox, and nothing happened (and, foo, I drove an hour, too). I was delighted and a bit surprised when, at the very end of 14 days, she sprouted pox. (This was esp. surprising since...
Sorry, everyone, but dd is no longer in "full bloom". For us, it was not even 4 days. She's been fine during the day and fairly miserable at night, even w. a lot of calamine lotion and Bendaryl when things got really rough. Good luck for those of you still looking! We had 5 playdates with people from near and far (pox may even be going 3 hours north to Vermont!), so let's see what happens!
Dd and I also had a great time! You and your son are terrific! Let me know if you're ever in the area again. We could all use a little more pirate in our day, eh (arrgh?)?!
Hi Cara, Welcome aboard! If you search the main MDC forums, you'll find lots of info about "wild" chicken pox and why you might want to expose your kids to them. Good luck finding what you're looking for.
4 y/o dd finally has them! PM if you want to come for a playdate! We are a few miles North of Boston, one mile from Rt. 93.
Chicken pox available in Malden, MA (just North of Boston). PM me if you want to come play.
So what'd you do? Personally, I would have gone to r/o a greenstick fracture, esp. since he had one already. Hope he is feeling better!!!!
No smoothies. If you can't (theoretically) read the newspaper through it, it's not considered clear. I agree w. making the chicken broth w. bones. You will get much-needed protein. You can also add liquid egg whites to clear juice for protein. If you want a change b/c you're going "stir crazy" you can freeze juice into posicles, but I'd say at this point, your body sounds desperate for more protein and less sugar. Good luck. Hope you feel better soon.
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