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Same here, never on MDC anymore! Between my two kiddos things are overall great. Harper is doing awesome... She took a couple unassisted steps two days ago! She is crawling, cruising and her other new thing is pointing. Super cute. On the negative side, she was diagnosed with FPIES at 6 months old but we have gone on the GAPS diet to promote maximum gut health, to supplement her nursing. That's about it! Hope everyone else is well!
  LLQ1011, do you mean he had weird green poops only after rice cereal, or in general? Curious. Also, was it hard to get him to take solids after age one (did he have texture issues etc?) My allergist is concerned about that but I can't tell how worried to be. I don't want to rush food reintroduction on that basis alone.
Really? I kind of find that surprising. Seems to me that if someone has multiple triggers (and cross-reactions, etc) the state of a gut's leakiness is probably at least related. Which explains why some folks are successful in using GAPS to heal after FPIES (although some aren't).   I do belong to other orgs, btw, but the bottom line seems to be no one knows much about this and it's all a guessing game. So I guess I need to get used to that!
Anyone here have any experience with FPIES? My youngest daughter (7 mo old) was just diagnosed after vomiting reactions to both rice and avocado. Her stooling has always been a bit off (infrequent stooling as a newborn, later followed by greenish poop, sometimes with mucus, and lately very liquidy yellow stools that soak into diapers). She's had occasional ccult blood noted in samples too although it has eased up. I can't tell if her gut is on the path to healing or not...
My 2-month-old DD had her well child check today and the pediatrician played the 'dead baby' card with us when we explained we would not be vaccinating today. (He basically said, "Are you prepared for your child to DIE from a preventable illness?")  I was a bit flummoxed as I never ran into this reaction before with my other DD. I forget what I said in response, honestly. Have any of you moms experienced this? How did you handle it?
And sorry to hear about the cold! Harper had one a couple weeks ago and although it was short lived, it was no fun at all. Hang in there!
Interesting! I've taken dairy and soy out, but so far no change. I might try gluten next... She can go on her own but much longer in between BMs than if I hold her legs. I figure as long as she's pushing on her own, no harm! Thanks for sharing the tip... Gives me hope we will solve the problem soon.
Wow is this thread still going? LOL. Just popping in to say hi! First of all, congrats to everyone who's since had their babies! I have been lurking and cheering you all on. Also glad to hear everyone is surviving these early newborn days. Sorry I've been incognito lately. Unfortunately baby Harper has some health issues I've been dealing with, namely related to poop. She has trouble going without me holding her legs for her (I think it makes it easier for her to push?)...
Anybody looking for a child care provider or nanny for their little one? I am looking to do a "nanny share" with a local family in the Woodinville/Bothell/Redmond area of WA state, starting January 2013. My nanny is amazing --she is a former Bright Horizons daycare teacher, is very experienced and very caring, and well versed at caring for two or more children simultaneously. Please PM me if you're interested in learning more.
Thanks, that helps. I feel like I am losing my ever-loving mind. Ive been fretting about rare stomach diseases, cystic fibrosis and the like. Horrid. I just want to be able to relax and enjoy her!
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