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Hi all! My DD2 is 3 weeks old. Basically since birth, her poop pattern has been a little puzzling. She took just over 24 hours to pass meconium, pooped 4 times in the hospital, pooped 3 times day 3 (transitional stools), 2 times on day 4 (yellow BF poop) and since then... maybe a big poop every 1-3 days. When she goes, the poops are very liquidy with very little curds, but a normal sweet smell and yellow/mustard color. There is sometimes some "frothing" as she goes so I...
Not automatically... Chance is 1 in 200 without abx. The protocol is supposed to be done a week before testing, and then maintained till birth if negative.
Holysmokes! Congratulations on your little one... And wow, what a story!
WOW!!!! You are amazing, Dannic!! Congrats on your big boy! Hope you get some sleep tonight!
Our baby is here! Harper Josephine was born Sat afternoon, weighing 6 pounds 5 ounces and measuring 21 inches. Labor stalled in the middle due to a scare, but when it got going, it was a rocket ride... 4 cm to baby out in 45 mins! We are doing great. She has a great latch so far and is a total snuggle bunny. Her older sister adores her too! Pics coming. Congrats also to Silly, Springmum, Skinnylove and Pregnova!
Congrats Pregnova!! There's a new baby here too... Harper Josephine was born at 1:45p on Saturday the 13th, weighing 6 pounds 5 ounces, and measuring 21 inches long. We had an interesting birth... Had to transfer to the hospital early due to a detected fetal arrhythmia. Lots of good news though...first, we still birthed naturally in a very respectful, progressive environment (they didn't even check me when I was admitted!) And most importantly, Harper is fine/ the...
Well gals, labor has started. Water broke and I am off to the races. Will keep you guys posted... So far, lots of irregular cxs and a lot of bloody show coming out, so the cervix is doing something!
Oh, and Pinkbruise, I totally laughed out loud at your bath story! "Cover your gina" is hilarious!
OrangeMoon, we had the same guess date, right? Oct 10?   Dannic: sounds like your husband is a birth pool pro! LOL I wish I could get mine to be as handy.   Pregnova: I would have been PISSED if someone stopped by as a surprise but I am so glad it's worked out and he is being a big help! Boo for broken dishwasher though. So very Murphy's Law...   Well ladies, just had more blood-streaked mucus a little while ago. At this stage I am taking it to mean...
I'm so lucky my family is totally cool with AP, and DHs too for the most part. The one that drives me nuts is one I hear from coworkers sometimes: "If they can tell you they want to nurse, theyre too old." What?!? Says who? Honestly the dumbest thing I've ever heard, and especially considering my DD started signing for milk very early. She's 2 now and can ask in a sentence... Why exactly does that make her too old to nurse? Ok rant over
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