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So, now I am onto a new phenomenon-- staying asleep ok but having a horrible time falling asleep. I'm finding that in particular, when I snack right before bed, I am having difficulty falling asleep. I was doing it preventatively (you know, to avoid the 2 am fridge raid) but now I am wondering if it's affecting me? I might have to experiment tonight and go to bed without a snack.  
I packed too much for my DD's birth but now I'm at a loss for what I might need this time around. We are planning a water birth at a birth center. What are you mamas planning to bring?
Just saw this thread after I posted my 'insomnia' one, LOL. I will have to try this out!
This thread is so inspiring! I haven't used my crockpot in a long time but will definitely be busting it out when the new baby is here. We used it all the time when DD was born. Haven't thought too much about first postpartum meal-- hmm, probably sushi (sans high-mercury tuna) since it's been a while that I've had the good stuff. Come to think of it, I think that was my first "welcome home" meal for DD's birth.   I can't BELIEVE I am 34 weeks on Wednesday. Wow....
Today is night 4 for me... I wake up at 2 or 3 am and I can't get back to bed till about 6. Of course, at that point I only get another hour of sleep before DD wakes me up, all revved and ready to play. So, any other MDC mamas in the same boat? If so, are you using any remedies, teas, etc to help?
It's a probiotic, but different strains than most probiotics-- the strains are supposed to target the urinary tract, etc.
Thanks ladies! It came at such a great time-- what a relief. :) Cindy-- that is so cool! I've always wanted my own chicken coop!
This thread is awesome. I'll play too! So far I have... - had a couple small glasses of wine (a 1 oz pour at 27 weeks, and 3 oz tonight celebrating a raise I just got) -eaten deli meat repeatedly (I crave Subway, oddly... But I do heat the meat up) -had blue cheese a few times -had hot dogs -painted a room -have had coffee at least 3x a week -have been lifting my 28 pound toddler all over kingdom come -sleep on my back when I need to (hurts to lay on my side too long) -had...
I still nurse my 2 year old. Some of my contractions while doing so have been very painful, but since they stop when I stop, I'm rolling with it for now.
Have you heard of Femdophilus? It's supposed to be very effective in preventing GBS and in treating other "women's issues".
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