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Cindy-- you're not making that up, it is indeed on the label, but my daughter's doctor says it's perfectly fine. :) Apparently for little ones, they worry kids will drink the bath water and it has a serious diarrhetic/ laxative effect... but my DD isn't into drinking baths, so we're good there.   Pregnova-- what great news to have your plans fall into place that way! The universe is on your side :)
JoyofBirth-- Noralei is SUCH a cool name! LOVE. And ditto on the herbal bath recipe!   Sillymom-- laughing out loud at your "welcome baby, you have a hamper" quote    Aurora-- Beatrix was our alternate middle name to Josephine; I just love it. And I really like Adelaide Beatrix, actually-- it's long but it's very rhythmic, pretty and unique.   As a side anecdote since we're talking about sleep and calm, my DD and I have been taking nightly epsom salt baths...
So for a while a couple months ago, my 23-mo-old DD was telling me when she had to poop or pee, and asking to use the potty. We bought her a small potty and she used it a few times, sometimes just to sit, sometimes to actually go pee or poop. But we didn't push it at all.   Lately, she has stopped asking, and stopped telling us when she has to go-- she just goes. Yesterday she took off her diaper and then just peed all over the floor. SIGH. I asked her why she didn't...
I'm going to PM you ladies as well as a few others I've met on other threads, to try to organize an Eastside meet up :) 
Good news- it's NOT pertussis. Woot! 
Our name is all set... Harper Josephine. That's the ONE thing we have settled on! Nursery is still a mess, nothing is done, and we've barely got our sh*t together otherwise, LOL.   Cindy, I too am having a ton of contractions. They've mostly been painless Braxton Hicks but I've also had a couple more painful whoppers when my other DD is nursing down for the night. Stopping the nursing session and having some water seems to do the trick for now.   In other news,...
Interesting development here... This weekend DD absolutely refused to nap, but slept 12-13 hours at night and fell asleep easily. Hmm. Maybe she is trying to drop her nap? Regardless, still in our bed but that is fine. We've decided to buy a king bed and a big girl bed, and slowly encourage her. The crib will go to my second DD due in Oct.
I would totally consider meds as soon as I am no longer pregnant and breastfeeding. I think then I'll feel much better about taking them. I do think that's a route that might help. I've heard some other IRL friends say that about Lexapro and what a difference it made for them.
Just wanted to thank everyone again for your responses and encouragement, as well as your good ideas for how to manage my worry and stress. Just an update that we did have EI out to evaluate my DD. She tested slightly above her age (25 mos) for cognitive and on track (23 mo) for gross motor, but her language and social/emotional were very high, at 30 mos and 34 mos, respectively. That was surprising but also very reassuring. She tested slightly behind in adaptive skills...
Awesome! There's a couple other Eastside moms I've "met" on here recently-- will get a PM going and see what we can arrange. Want to get my daughter over this cough she has first though-- don't want her affecting any other kiddos!
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