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Oh man, skinnyloveBC, that sounds terrible! Sounds like using Gaviscon was absolutely the right thing if it brought you a little relief. I know what you mean about that burning feeling like a tequila shot. I even had that sensation this afternoon after a small snack of almonds and string cheese. This is very new to me; I didn't have this at all with my first pregnancy.   sillymom44, that's really interesting about the probiotics! I've been on a pretty hard core...
  Interesting, littlest birds... thanks for your perspective. I don't think it's the frequency of her doing it that worried me -- it was more that I worry about EVERYTHING and because someone told me this is delayed echolalia and was considered a flag, I began to observe it like a hawk. That being said, I've worried about ASD with my daughter (because like I said, I do worry about everything, and it can be exhausting!) but mostly because she is pretty shy, and also...
  Ha! Aren't they though? :)
Hi! I'm new here and would love to be added to the list-- due date is Oct 10. Thank you for keeping this list!
Great tips, thanks! I will try them all if I need to. Last night was horrible for me too-- didn't fall asleep till well past midnight because of the burning feeling, and then up at 5. UGH. I need coffee but that would probably make it way worse.
Thank you both! Yes, what your kids are doing sounds exactly like what my daughter is doing. Yesterday I felt like I was going crazy because someone (a very well-meaning acquaintance with some SLP background) told me that no child should do this ever, but that seems really odd to me. I mean, adults do this all the time too. To me, it should be a question of how pervasive it is. If more than 95% of my daughter's speech is novel and non-scripted, does this small percentage...
I never had this with my first pregnancy. But this time around, my esophagus literally feels like it's on fire. Any of you mamas have good natural tips/remedies for soothing it? It's awful, especially at night!
Sorry to hear that too Cindy (although, I had to laugh at parts of your thread too, especially "letting the girls breathe" :) Domperidone is good stuff, right? That's ultimately what saved my nursing relationship I think. We were hanging on by a thread with the SNS and herbs until Uncle Dom entered the picture. You reminded me that I should stock up on that too, just in case.   That being said, I've heard that women with supply issues could have an easier time the...
I'm starting to see some dried colostrum show up so I assume my almost-2-year-old is getting a little bit when she nurses at night. But she hasn't remarked on it. I think she's been "dry nursing" lately just for comfort... not seeing much swallowing, really.
I've never heard of this but definitely want to try it! To be clear, it's recommended to start at the beginning of the third trimester, yes? My labor with my older daughter was a marathon -- 55 hours, ugh!  I will do anything to avoid that scenario again.
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