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How's it going Pinkbruise? Any more progress? My contractions are worse today than ever before, and I had a little bit of bloody mucus tonight. It occurs to me that late pregnancy is the only time you excitedly look for bloody goop in your underwear I too am rooting for 10-11-12!!!
I for one am getting really frustrated. My EDD is tomorrow and every night (and now, day too) I have very bad contractions that are a total tease and never go anywhere; they always stop. In the meantime, I am eating up a storm. This child is going to come out wearing a prom dress and holding car keys at this rate. I am beginning to have nagging feelings that maybe my body just doesn't go into labor naturally because my thyroid/ hormones are out of whack. I know it's...
Yay Angel!!!!!! Congratulations !!!
Vegan- caniosacral therapy is amazing, isn't it? Totally helped my first dd with her feeding issues. Angel- sooo excited for you! I hope tonight kicks those contractions back in gear! Boston- still thinking positive thoughts. Under- I am sorry things are feeling so tough right now. My DD is regressing this week too, she is an absolute clingy mess also. It's so tough on everyone. Hugs and hang in there!
This made me laugh out loud... A bumper sticker in the making, I think!
Thanks for all the support with the decision, ladies!
I just posted this thread in the I Am Pregnant forum. This protocol took me from +4 GBS to GBS negative in a week. Feel free to use or adapt, and good luck!   http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1364899/if-you-are-gbs-consider-this-protocol#post_17132273
Ditto, Boston! I'm thinking of you today and sending positive, happy, peaceful birth vibes to you! Hope you can work this out with your midwives asap.
Thanks for bumping :) My midwives were so ecstatic that this worked so quickly!
Thanks ladies! We don't know our neighbors very well yet since we just moved, but maybe I can call a friend and see if they can take the dogs off our hands. I've decided to go for it! Bought a bunch of supplies today, and got the birth kit rush shipped for Saturday delivery. So I think we'll be in good shape! I'm going to prep the bed and clean the tub today just in case. :) Thanks for making me feel like I am not crazy for switching so close to the big day.
New Posts  All Forums: