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That was so beautiful Boston... Thanks for sharing!
For the past few days I have gotten the gut feeling that I should do a home birth. My midwives are totally on board. But the prep seems daunting and I'm not sure the birth kit will be rush shipped in time. Should I try it or leave well enough alone and stick with my planned birth center birth? Biggest pro of home birth: not needing to change environments as I know that will stall me Cons: my yippy dogs being there, having to clean the house and tub, prep the bed, etc What...
Minus the continual bloody show, I could have written your post. It is very draining both physically and emotionally, because your mind starts to play tricks on you... "Maybe this is it!? No, false alarm." I will second the Epsom salt idea for physical relief, and just keep giving yourself time for mental breathers. For me, that's meditating although I'm not always good at sitting down and just doing it. And on a related note, what is the DEAL with people asking if you're...
What a great website! Just checked this out and got a bunch of things for her to have. Brilliant! Thanks so much :)
These are great ideas, thanks guys! We're new in our neighborhood so I'm not sure how comfortable I feel dropping off treats to folks I don't know well, but next year that is a brilliant idea!
Glad the LC visit was so helpful, Cindy! I totally agree that is such a worthwhile thing to do. Saved my nursing relationship with my first dd for sure. Well gals, I am in a terrible mood. I am awash in a cocktail of hormones, I can't sleep, I've had horrid diarrhea for days and contractions, and I felt so run down today. I was tired all day but couldn't nap and now inexplicably I am wide awake. To make matters worse, my daughter just contracted yet another cold because...
Well like I said, that's next for us (following Ellen S's method). The advice we received doesn't appear to be working for her metabolism. And until I weighed her, here I was scratching my head thinking, Why does she not want to run and play lately? Duh. Mommy fail
I so agree. I am glad abx are an option but I hate how they are the first choice in mainstream medicine. That just isn't right.
The nutritionist suggested that if it were true hunger, she'd eat veggies till she was full. It doesn't seem like its working. I was never worried about her weight where it was (more like I was worried about where it might go) but now, it's downright low in my opinion... 27 pounds but nearly 36 inches tall. Not underweight but she's clearly feeling a little low energy. Time to fix it. I have faith we will find the balance.
I know this is very true for my DD. She can eat milk in a baked product without any problem but if she has it straight (cheese, milk, ice cream), OR if she even touches a surface where milk had been, she gets hives. Her blood has tested as Class 3 (high) IGE allergy to milk. We found out the baked good thing by accident, not through home experimentation. So I must concur that the currently accepted view from pediatric allergies is correct, at least in our case it...
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