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Aw those are great ideas! And what sweet neighbors you have.
Quick update here-- we have been limiting portions (except veggies) for a couple weeks now, and we have added a lot more fat to her diet. Although she no longer objects/ asks for more, I will say it does not appear to be working. Her energy levels are overall lower and she has actually lost 1.5 pounds which is a little alarming. She is also tending towards constipation lately, which for a child who has always been regular, is a red flag to me. Clearly she knows what she...
Hi everyone. I am cross-posting this here from my due date club at the suggestion of one of the other mamas.      I am 39 weeks pregnant and recently got great news from my midwives' office. A couple weeks ago I had tested highly positive for GBS (+4) and due to allergy issues in my first daughter after heavy doses of abx during labor, was very reluctant to repeat that experience. So I researched an aggressive GBS-killing protocol, and reswabbed just one week...
My DD just turned 2-- she is looking forward to trick-or-treating in her costume but because of her rotation/elimination diet and her relatively severe milk allergy, most commercial candies are a no-go. Is anyone else on this board facing the same situation and what are you doing to navigate around it? I was thinking of doing a "candy swap" where she can trade candy for different presents. Other ideas?
Thanks :) I am particularly happy because I really feel like being on abx during labor last time (unfortunately a long labor with several abx doses) gave my daughter the gut and allergy issues she has. I can't prove it of course, but it's my mommy hunch. I am so thrilled that this obstacle will be out of the way now for baby #2.
I am counting from when I knew I was in labor ( water broke). Contractions went on forever... They let me go 36 hours but I never fell into a regular pattern and needed Pit/ hospital transfer. Got checked and i was only 1 cm. From the time I was administered Pit, it was still quite a while although they turned the drip off shortly after and i wemt to 8 on my own, then got stuck there for hours. Ugh. Anyway, I need to put that negativity behind me. Hoping this birth is...
Ladies, just had to share. I got the most amazing news from my midwives' office just now. I had reswabbed for GBS after undergoing an intensive strep-killing protocol, and it worked! In just one week, I went from heavy colonization (+4) to negative. I am ecstatic! Sharing the protocol here in case it helps anyone else out:   Once Daily: 2 capsules Femdophilus in AM (probiotics) 1 30mg capsule Zinc (for membrane strength, immune support) 1 1000mg capsule Vitamin...
I'll take whatever the universe gives me, but my first labor was 55 hours and I have absolutely NO desire to repeat that experience. I'll take fast anyday-- but hey, 10 hours seems positively breezy to me :)
Just found this thread! Congrats to all you mamas... And keep those pictures coming! These babies are all beautiful and I am super jealous of the fast labors too. I hope I do not buck the trend, lol.
Cindy, congrats!!!!! How did I miss the news?! I am so happy for you and your family!
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