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Dannic: Ugh sorry to hear you are nauseated. That is the worst. I know what you mean about moods-- for some reason I've been a little more, well, volatile for lack of a better word, than usual. I am snapping at everyone in a three-mile radius. Must be the hormones. Re your question, I am nesting to kill time-- errands, freezer meals, and some meditation/ work email when I can squeeze it in. (I'm working from home these last couple weeks before d-day). I'm enjoying the...
PS- is anyone else suddenly starving all the time? I can't stop eating. I feel like I did when I was 6 weeks pregnant!
CONGRATS Aurora! Aspen is beautiful! And what a lovely name!   Count me in with the others who are having prodromal labor. I endured HOURS, literally, of contractions last night. These were not normal BH ones-- they started in my lower back, wrapped all around the front and hurt so bad. Changing positions, drinking water, etc, did nothing to stop them, and they went on and on. We thought for sure that was it! But alas, they never organized enough, and once I fell...
Thanks. She is eating grains though... Millet, quinoa, amaranth, rice and buckwheat primarily (although buckwheat isn't really a grain I guess.)
I have dropped even lower than I was, which I didn't think was possible. Weirdly though, I am MORE nauseated than before, especially today. I constantly feel like I have to throw up.
I know what you mean Pregnova... I'd much rather a stranger say 'Congratulations!' or 'You must be so excited' or something like that. I don't need even the suggestion of negativity right now!
Welcome Grace!!!!!! And congrats, Hibiscus! Good job roaring her out, LOL.
Thanks guys :) I just love her and want to make sure she is healthy and happy!
A couple updates here: We got her labs back and they showed normal thyroid/endocrine function and normal (in fact, low end normal) blood sugars. All good news. The doctor is not on board for further testing but we might push just to cover the bases. We saw a pediatric nutritionist last week (were lucky enough to get squeezed in for an appointment!) and they too felt fats were significantly lacking in her diet. So we've developed a plan to "challenge" more fatty...
I am rooting for the full moon too! Can't wait to see if we have any babies born then!
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