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My midwives offer a drink which is part castor and part verbena -- they get it from Canada, so they say. It's supposed to be gentler than pure castor with more focused contractions and less horrible, long lasting diarrhea. I will put that in my bag of tricks if I need it, that's for sure. I was too freaked out to drink pure castor oil last time.
I'm due Oct 10 also. Most of the time if I'm moving around I'm not doing too badly but at night I get hip pain, and the stabbing cervix pain I've been getting is awful. Contractions are starting to hurt too. Not too much longer thankfully!
I've heard about oregano working... no idea if true. Also have you considered acupuncture (particularly with electrical pulses?) That got my labor going last time.
Sunnyperch, I am unfortunately joining this club too :( My culture came back heavily positive, at +4. I have begun an aggressive regimen to eliminate the GBS bacteria and will reswab soon, as I do not want antibiotics. Here's the daily list, if anyone else is curious or if you want to try some and reswab!   2 capsules Femdophilus 30 mg zinc 1000 mg vit C 3 droppers full of Usnea tincture 2 droppers full of Oregon Root tincture 30 drops GSE daily tea tree...
Oh my gosh Boston, what a scary emotional day. I am so glad everything checked out okay!
I really like your attitude about it, it's very inspirational and makes a ton of sense. Thank you so much for sharing your perspectives, they help a lot! Once we clear any potential medical causes (and expand her diet a bit more) I think I'll feel a lot better and hopefully, so will she.
Hi ladies! Wow I can barely keep up with this thread-- so much exciting stuff happening! I love that we're all getting so close. I am getting *that feeling* that labor is coming very soon for me-- I am 37 weeks today but my contractions have been frequent and sometimes painful, my plug is gone and I am starting to get back cramps/ menstrual pain. UNCOMFORTABLE but I'll tell you, I'd rather the baby wait another week or two (yeah, like baby is going to listen to...
  So far they are on the elim list but we will be challenging almonds soon... hopefully it goes smoothly and we can add some almond butter!
Thanks Ginger. Her naturopath suggested we limit fruit intake because she's struggled with yeast overgrowth as part of her gut issues. So we allow one piece a day. Anyway last night she had a new food as part of the elimination process (beets) and we all ate beets, amaranth and filet mignon together. She still begged for a bazillion servings but I'm sure this will be a long journey towards progress. We might also consider doing testing to rule out Prader Willi...
Yeah we are definitely not doing that... We don't tend to eat much around her honestly, but knowing my DD, forbidden foods are probably pretty intriguing. I think your theory is really interesting. I wish I knew how to solve for it without destroying the progress we have made on the allergy diet. I don't want to go back to the days of chronic loose stool either
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