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124.6 We are traveling this week for Thanksgiving, so this wee will be tough.
I am 125.4 today.
126.2 I need all of the candy to get out of the house!! Between birthdays, Halloween, and holidays, this time of year is tough.
126.6 Everyone in the path of Sandy stay safe!
  Happy Anniversary!
127.0 for me this week!   
Monday weigh in 128.2.
Hi! My name is Marie.  I have two little ones, a 4.5 year old and a 2 year old, turning 3 in a few days (we share a birthday).  I had them pretty quickly, so I didn't have a chance to lose my weight from the first before I was pregnant with the second.  I had  put on about 25 pounds after having my second.  I love to run and did a few half marathons, but I couldn't lose the weight even with all of the running.  I was still about 20 pounds over my prepregnancy weight and...
New Posts  All Forums: