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My number is little, but these were hard fought months of nursing.  My first only nursed for 4 months.  I worked and pumped and my milk dried up and she refused to nurse, among other problems.  My second, I did better, I nursed her for 9 months, working and pumping, but my milk dried up as well.  So, 13 months total.
I forgot to add my height, which is 5'2". Here's my exercise goal for the week:   Monday: Jillian 30 day shred, level 3, then level 1 Tuesday: 4 mile run Wednesday: 6 mile run Thursday: shred  Friday" 3-4 mile run Sat: rest Sunday: 11 mile run   I'm training for a half marathon, but each time I do one, i lose about 5 lbs at the end of the training and gain it all back two weeks later.  I'm hoping this will help me to stick with it afterwards and keep...
We do beans on toast with a fried egg as well.  Also, breakfast for dinner, mostly scrambled eggs, pasta, I usually have sauce in the freezer, sandwiches, grill something.
That makes me feel better.  I haven't done much about limiting liquids because I feel if she's thirsty, she's thirsty.  We did stop the water in bed, but she can have a drink while we do stories and bedtime routine and then she goes to the bathroom right before bed.  Thanks for the feedback!
Today's weigh in is 137.6  I had a rough week last week and last night was my MIL's birthday, so I'm up .5 lbs from last week.  I would like to be down to 130 by the end of the challenge.  I started the week off with some 30 day shred.  I'm also keeping track of my calories on myfitnesspal.com;
Thanks! I'll check out the information on constipation.  It may be related.  She just had two good nights and I've been trying to pay attention to see what makes a  dry night vs a wet night.  I am reluctant to go back to pullups particularly since her little sister doesn't wear them.  
I do really well if I have someone to meet.  One thing that helps me is to sleep in my running clothes, then I grab a small snack and some water.  It's been hard lately because I haven't been getting enough sleep.  I try to remember how much better my day goes if I run.  I had a really good week, then this week I haven't been able to get up an do it.
Lots of hugs, sleep deprivation in really tough.  Both my kids were horrible sleepers. Tthere was one night that by the time we got them both to bed asleep at the same time it was 5am.  Is there any way that your husband could help you out at night or let you get a few hours sleep in the evening to catch up?  My youngest was like your DD, getting up all the time at night.  I did try sleep training with her and it just made me more anxious and she cried more, so I gave it...
My kids can wear what they want as long as it isn't sexually revealing.  I want them to feel that they can be who they want and express themselves as who they are.  While skulls and crossbones aren't what I would choose for myself, I know that my kids may have different styles and opinions than me.  
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