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I enjoy camping. I love to read. I love to dance. I grow rose bushes. (well, I plant them occasionally) I am drinking tea. I have food issues.
NY has a state wide vax data base, so can't keep the info to yourself - docs have to submit.  
In NY you can't selectively vax and use the religious exemption, unless you have special permission from your local school district supervisor.  Here, it wouldn't fly, but in some less conservative areas, it would.  Talk to the office and make an appt to see whoever is in charge, as they have the final say, at least from my exp.  Good luck!
btw - I have had many vaxs since being an adult, because I worked overseas for a few yrs. in Africa.  The vaxs are not fun, and they did have side effects, like sickness - diarrhea, fever and vomiting - but they were directly related to the illness contained in the vax., nothing else.     I think it is certainly possible for a 'vulnerable' individual to negatively respond to a vax as an adult.
I am in just this position.  My dd is 13.5 and considered a trip to rural Tanzania where diptheria, polio, and other preventable diseases, as well as non-vax diseases, are in the population.  It was a tough decision to refuse her, but we said that she could go IF she got all the shots and paid for the trip herself.  That wasn't going to happen, so she passed the opportunity, but she is certainly old enough to START looking into these ideas.  She has never had a vax, but...
My dd's friend's mom just passed away, he's 13 and she was 49.  :(  Obviously losing a grandparent is different, but I think some of the things that worked best for him:   1.  a big photobook (not an album, but one from shutterfly or picaboo or something, a permanent book) that people donated photos for (you take people's photos, bring to CVS or another place they put them on a disc for cheap.  then you download all the digital prints into one file, which you use to...
soul searching never dull frustrating awe inspiring amusing   My dd is 13, and is full of the stuff that makes our lives incredibly full!  She will lie, and then bat her eyes at me and apologize and ask for permission for the next thing.  She is fearless and guileless, vain and beautiful and kind.  I love her so much it hurts.  We go from best buds to worst enemies, because I refuse to let being her parent stop me from enjoying her, when she isn't needing a...
New Posts  All Forums: