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Yes she is. Thanks . She is generally good until the evening and then has her fussy time now so at least it's more predictable!
Clarissa is in 0-3 month and has been for a few weeks now because she is so long. They fit her otherwise but the sleeper legs were too short in the nb stuff. Quick phone pic from today
Hallelujah for the nose frida. That is all !
Thanks for the suggestions! I'll have to look around and see if I can find a better one today. It's so hard watching her try and eat and then she can't catch her breath so I take her off and she gets so upset!! Hoping this cold wont last too much longer.
Bath time today was like whoaaaa
Yeah it came in a little first aid kit but I'm not sure how small it is compared to others , it's the first one I've seen. Will ask my MW today since we have our 6 week appt this aft. I hate doing things that make her mad lol
Thanks! I have a suction bulb but can't get much out with it. Her nose is so tiny. We are also sleeping like that. I'll have to try the shower and steam.
I'm having the same issue right now with BMs. I don't have Hs but have been really constipated the past week or two and when I do go its super painful like you described Teles. Even prune juice isn't cutting it this time. That usually worked when I was pregnant. We have colds here too. How do you get baby to bfeed when they are congested? Seems so hard for her
I've just gone off dairy too, to see if it helps her digestive issues. She gets so fussy in the evenings and it breaks my heart. I also have a cold right now and I think she has a bit of it now too. Her reflux has been really bad and she is pooping little bits with almost every fart. She has to stay upright to be comfortable too. I feel so bad for her sometimes. Lots of tears this week on both our parts. I know it will pass eventually but it's so hard.
Clarissa nurses a lot in the evening - sometimes every hour or more. Cluster feeding I think it's called. But a lot of it is for comfort too as she is really upset in the evenings. So it is normal! She could be going thru a growth spurt too if it seems to happen all day.
New Posts  All Forums: