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Thanks! I was warned about "growth spurts" but not the mental development aspect of it until my midwife told me yesterday. I should probably pick this up so I don't feel like I'm a bad mom when I can't seem to console her.
We are on the fuss bus this week too. She sleeps slightly better at night but not by much. Seems extra gassy too. It's been a rough week I hope it's just a phase - growth spurt maybe since she's gained a lot this week.
I'm still working on learning this but she has taught me that even though I feel like I don't know what im doing I need to trust myself more and relax even when things aren't going perfectly or like I thought they would in my head. I needed to trust my body to provide for her too - I'm finally there!
3 weeks two days.
So when you ladies feed at night lying down do you not worry about burping? If baby falls asleep nursing you just let them be? I still need to work on lying down to feed. My right breast is bigger and it seems to cover her nose unless I hold it away with my hand. And I worry about falling asleep like that.
Teles are they always in the same spot or do they move? My MW told us about a rash they can get that is circular and moves around. And it was nothing to worry about. Not sure if that is the same as what you have with her though. Does everyone feed just one side at a time? Or both? I've been doing both which I'm not sure is best but she always seems hungry still after just one side. It also is taking forever still as she has more gas lately so between the burping and...
So much cuteness in here. This is my second time attempting the ring sling. Can anyone tell me if it looks somewhat right??
Kellybeth I just asked my midwife at a follow up appointment about the year because I was curious. So that's how I know. Sorry you had such bad tearing I am wondering if the water helped me in that regard since pushing and crowning was definitely not easy, I had the ring of fire and she had a bigger than average head even.
We had our first bout of bad gas last night and Rissa screamed full out for just over an hour. Broke my heart and I had a good cry once it was all over. I think the herbs increased my milk flow a little too much so I'm going to cut back a bit and see if that helps. Any tips for times like those ?? I did end up using gripe water and it seemed to help.
As for healing I don't seem to be having any issues. I had a first deg tear with two stitches and an additional stitch for esthetics as my MW put it. The stitches didn't bother me so I'm just letting them dissolve. I never did get hemorrhoids so I feel lucky in that regard.
New Posts  All Forums: