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I'm having the same issue with her not wanting to be put down along with a growth spurt so all she wants is boobs. I feel like I'm going to go crazy if I don't get some sleep soon. Sorry for those of you dealing with mastitis. I hope it clears up soon!
Clarissa 10 days old having a mid feed nap Love all of the adorable ness in here!
It's so hard. I had a good long cry today for that very reason! Sorry your Dh acted that way I hope he makes it up to you!
Yeah it rides up into my boobs too. Sigh! I gained 50+ lbs too, but haven't weighed myself yet. Might do it tomorrow at the midwife appt. the guts falling out feeling is going away but there is still definitely a floppy tummy going on.
I've realized this is the only way I can get a bit of sleep at night. She won't sleep anywhere else especially at night. Haven't had any rolling off problems yet but she's only 10 days old. I put her between my breasts and they seem to hold her in place lol
I'm not really loving the belly bandit either. Do you ladies wear it when sitting/ nursing too? It bugs me around my ribs like its not tight enough at the top.
Congrats Buko and Kat!!
Wishing you the best Buko!!
My midwife told me that since my bleeding stopped fairly quickly it would be normal if it picked up again in a week or two and to expect that. Just thought I'd share ! Quick update- My nips are starting to heal a bit and I am getting a bit better at BFing I think. It's still not perfect but I'm a bit less stressed about it now. Still using the same one hold until I can get it right! I never thought it would be so hard.
Clarissa is 6 days old today. She doesn't stay awake long enough for pictures yet but I'm feeling a bit more human today so I might try to get some better ones.
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