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Totally agree! I would refuse an induction too and do the stress tests. My midwife will also go to 43 weeks if baby and everything is ok. She said she hasn't had to do that very often though.I had a good chiro apt yesterday (got my left side in place and feels soooo much better). I then had a lot of BH until 3am that kept me semi awake. A bit of nausea too. But then it all went away and I feel fine again. Sigh
Woohoo! Awesome news Teles
Good luck tomorrow Teles. Hope it doesn't come down to an induction!
Well I didn't think my hips or pelvis could get any sorer but I was wrong! It's been pretty bad this week since she dropped. Any suggestions? I feel like I can barely walk most of the time and I'm worried this is going to hinder me moving around when I'm in labour. I've got chiro and massage in the next two days and Epsom salt baths. Trying to sit on my ball too, but it doesn't seem to help much.
Congratulations! What a cutie
Sorry kellybeth! Sending you lots of labor vibes for this week!! I'm 39+3 today. My belly noticeably dropped on Sunday making my left hip hurt even more. Other than that I feel fine and no other signs other than the occasional BH. Not doing internal checks - just trying to relax and let baby come when she is ready.
Congrats rach!! Loving all the baby news this week.
Congrats!! So cute!
Woohoo! Congrats he is adorable and you look great! Can't wait to hear more
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