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Glad things worked out kellybeth! Hoping for more babies this week!! I'm 39 weeks today . Baby would not let me sleep on my left side last night! She would kick and punch up a storm every time I tried until about 4am lol. What's up with that?? On my right side it was fine.
Thinking about you! Hope you make some progress soon and have that baby!
Sounds like I'm under the same warning as you Teles - I'm in London!  Also glad to be having a home birth and only 3 blocks from the hospital if needed.  I am not having any impending signs of labour though so I think tomorrow will just be a "snow day" for me since it will be my first day off work!   Our girl has had one had up by her face at every ultrasound we've had.  It will be interesting to see if she comes out that way!  Or sleeps that way after she is born :)
Welcome to the group!
So awesome!  I get this (jokingly) at work almost every day.  Today is my last day but I'm sure they will find a way to still ask me this once I"m off  LOL
Great post!!  You're definitely not alone Dia - I am a FTM as well and go from being excited to terrified all the time (mostly about the whole gigantic life change thing).   HOP - My husband sounds a lot like yours - the movements freak him out too, and he is not the best with needles/blood etc, so I am worried about him passing out or something during labor.  LOL
Wow, congratulations on your new little girl.  I hope you recover quickly!
My babe was on the right side as well today - midwife suggested doing 20 mins a day of hands and knees position but wasn't overly concerned yet.  I will definitely be keeping an eye on my posture though!
Sorry you had to go through all of that Buko!  And everyone who is sick I hope you feel better soon!  I'm on my last week at work and really hope I don't pick up anything - so far so good.
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