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I only stopped coffee when I had bad MS in the beginning and it didn't appeal to me, so only for a couple of weeks, and since then I've had one cup a day.  It used to help my constipation but not anymore  lol.  I also have the occassional sip of DH's beer.  Definitely missing my wine though like you Teles!
Gah!  I hope not me - I'm not ready yet!!  Once we get our pool then maybe I will feel a bit better about it, but I'm really hoping to make it to close to my due date.  I don't feel like she is coming any time soon at this point (37 weeks tomorrow).
Yay that is great news!   Thanks - me either but at this point I'm not really sure which would be worse  lol  I'd really welcome going 4 times a day at this point!
  Ugh sorry kellybeth!  I have some painful constipation these past few weeks, but no HFH yet - I keep expecting them though.
Thank you for posting that!!
Thanks for the good thoughts everyone! Got a bit of good news in that she seems to be head down again. Not sure if the sideways thing was a fluke or if she really is moving around that much still. I didn't get any other test results back yet so still waiting on GBS and bladder infection stuff. I also had a slight +1 protein result like someone else mentioned. Midwife said that is pretty normal for this stage - my BP is fine though.
I'm a little anxious tonight. MW thought baby was transverse on Thursday. She was concerned enough to want to send me for an u/s. so I'm having that in the morning along with another MW appt. I'll probably also find out if I'm GBS + or not tomorrow. AND my pee stick was showing high counts of something that could indicate a possible bladder infection so I'm getting tested for that tomorrow as well. Ack!! I don't have any symptoms though so really hoping it is nothing.
Yes I just read that one this morning - amazing!!
Can't believe we are so close!!  I've been stalking the Jan group - so many cool birth stories in there!
36 weeks today!
New Posts  All Forums: