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Yeah I'm pretty sure it's her little booty   She's been very active the past two weeks!
I caught a few crazy shapes my stomach was making this week (to show my hubby since he always misses it lol).   A normal belly vs. the 'I wonder wtf she is doing in there?' belly      And one from today that looked like a triangle!  
I've been thinking about getting this one  http://www.cheekymonkey.ca/BellyBandit.htm   I just hope its worth the money!
It's not really thirst related but I have been craving orange juice/oranges a lot the past week or so!  Anyone else??
I don't even want to look at my own belly button these days!  Its totally flat and off to one side, but the top edge sticks out when I'm standing up.  Looks so weird! 
I take floradix every day and I have a big bag of RRLT and dates but I keep forgetting to actually USE them   Thanks a lot pregnancy brain.  Going to go make some tea now!
My appetite has gone down too, but as of today I'm still gaining about a pound a week it seems. Although I am measuring a few cm small, and she said baby feels small at this point too, so I guess I am not too concerned!  Just more fat for breast feeding right!?
My midwife told me today that when the head drops, that's what it will feel like!
Thank you!  We are head down here as well!  Not engaged yet though - she's still moving around quite freely I think but I'm not going to worry about it :)  I've got weekly appointments from now on so we can keep track of her anyways.
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