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Thank you!  We are head down here as well!  Not engaged yet though - she's still moving around quite freely I think but I'm not going to worry about it :)  I've got weekly appointments from now on so we can keep track of her anyways.
Yay for head down babies! I'm hoping for the same news tomorrow. She's been super active this week though and earlier I swear I had her head sticking out the side (sooo uncomfortable lol). It's gone now though so she's moved yet again.
I don't think I've ever had one :/
Sending head down vibes your way!! I have my appt tomorrow and am curious as to the position as well, most movements I feel are right across the middle so I have no idea what position she is in these days.
I think if you give birth in a hospital and are positive, you have to take antibiotics while in labour?  Not sure if you have a choice or not.  I'm planning a home birth and my midwife gave me the choice to test or not.  She said she does like to know though, just in case (so they can watch baby for the first little while after birth) but she is fine with me not taking antibiotics if I am positive - the choice is mine. So, I've decided to do the test.  We do it at 36...
Does anyone care to share their electrolyte drink and/or popsicle recipes? Also I was wondering how you ladies freeze meals like lasagna or casserole dishes.  What storage do you use for them so that they can be easily popped into the oven while still avoiding freezer burn (I hate freezer burn with a passion! lol).  I haven't made anything yet because I'm afraid it will get all fuzzy if I don't store it right.
We just painted today so I hope to have a few weeks for it to air out!! Although like you, I don't plan in using the room much right away. Baby will be sleeping with me.
I have lots of old stretch mark scars from my teen years too. So not really concerned about more - at least they fade eventually!
Yeah the only two things I have that even come close to that are a pack n play and a little bouncy/vibrating chair.  I can't see needing much else since I am hoping to use a carrier for most things.  I think it's better to wait until after you have baby and get into a routine, then you know for sure what you need and can pick one up then if necessary.
I came extremely close to throwing up and passing out on the bathroom floor yesterday during a bowel movement (tmi? lol)  It sure felt like a flu, but I think it was just a nerve issue since it passed within half an hour and I feel fine today.  Now today I feel like I'm getting punched (or kicked not sure but I think she is still head down....) in the cervix repeatedly... its very low and it does NOT feel good at all.  Stop it baby!    Oh and I've developed a lot of...
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