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Yes I loved the hiccups! I swear she has been doing barrel rolls all day today. Good lord! Maybe because its the first day I haven't really done anything. Just being lazy and laying around today - totally getting beat up lol
So I'm assuming that the tenderness/pain I'm feeling down low is due to the head? She's only been head down for just over a week so I'm still trying to get used to it! It's not there all the time but when it is I definitely feel it. I've had some more intense heartburn too usually in the evening. Finally(!!) felt hiccups too this week
I had my first really nice 'stranger' comment the other day when I was in the elevator going to work.  She asked me when I was due and I said Feb. and she said "WOW you look great! You look so tiny!"  Then she went on to say how she had four kids etc  - she made my day!
I keep forgetting to google this ramp when I'm at home (not going to do it at work  LOL).  I'm very intrigued!  I'm also having issues with getting my desires to mesh with reality - frustrating!
I still haven't felt hiccups or BH  lol!  Maybe I'm just not very observant
So baby appeared to be head down this morning at my midwife appointment! It's possible what I've been feeling is a bum under my ribs, but then again she could be turning around still at this point so who knows.  Reassuring though to know she has turned at least temporarily!
31 + 2!  
  I've been getting a pain under my left ribs - she likes to stick her head there in the evenings...  This also is accompanied by that vibrating sensation that some of us were talking about a few weeks ago.  Kinda wish she'd turn too, but then it's harder on the bladder isn't it?  Win/lose situation  lol!
Glad it's not just me!  I can't believe how flimsy some of their stuff is, and the prices that go along with it.  It's crazy.  That said, I did buy a winter coat from them because I had a coupon deal thing and the coat I got is actually pretty nice quality wise.  But now that I am bigger, I just look like a walking tent with it on  LOL.  I know I'll have to wear it eventually but for now our weather has been pretty mild so I've been just using a zip up hoodie of my...
  Me too - I had a few serious Pad Thai cravings, I craved so much salty stuff in the first Tri.  Now, its more sweets that I prefer.
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