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Admiring herself
I'm just 10lbs above pre preg weight now but it's mostly because of a needy baby and not eating enough I think. I'm hungry alot but don't always have time to do anything about it. It's hard to think of quick healthy things to eat that will satisfy/stay with me. And on really sleep deprived days I don't have much of an appetite either.
So sorry to hear you are struggling. Hugs! I can relate. We ended up going with a sleep consultant that uses positive methods. Things aren't perfect yet but it's definitely helped. It takes a lot of time and patience doing it this way but worth it in the end. She sounds a lot like Clarissa in that she's overtired and overstimulated. We had to give her her own sleep space (crib) in a dark room and help her learn how to sleep there.
Yeah the comfort from the nipple for teething is huge. Clarissa has been in a lot of pain for weeks now and I have broken down and give her baby Motrin at night. I hope the teeth make an appearance soon. I'm a little nervous to start solids since she had bad gas and tummy issues until she was 3 months. And I still have to stay off dairy it seems. So I don't know when we will start.
Clarissa went through that same thing for a week not too long ago. I think it wasa growth spurt. However if they get into the habit of waking up that often it can be hard to reset. She always sleeps like a log on my DH so he slept with her for a night and that helped get her back to sleeping more. I don't really know the answer though! I guess it can't hurt to try if your gut is telling you to. You can always stop if it doesn't help. I know what a week of no sleep is...
"Petting" our dog Aura. A very tolerant dog! She tends to grab and pull - I think just an attempt to chew on the dog. That's all she wants to do these days is chew on anything and everything. Just over a week ago she started rolling from back to tummy. She's quite flexible in the tub. Lol!
It's been over a month since I've tried getting Clarissa into her crib. She's doing fairly well at night but her daytime naps have been pretty much non existent which makes for a fun day. This week I'm seeing some improvement in the nap area finally! I hope it keeps up. It is hard to transfer her to the crib but I think she's getting used to it now. It's been a long long month so I'm really hoping the consistency pays off soon. Teething is not helping matters. She's been...
Crazy hunger has just hit me the past few days. I am off dairy for her and have been afraid to try it again so that is my only saving grace in not over eating. I really love dairy and find it really hard to enjoy eating sometimes with that limitation. Plus she makes it a challenge for me to get anything done right now, making meals is hard. But omg so hungry!!
Yeah I still get them in the warm weather but they just don't hurt much unless I have an issue (nipple trauma - bleb etc) or I'm cold. Such an annoying thing! My aunt has Raynauds and I have mild issues with it in my hands and feet in the winter so really not surprising that I get them. Hope you continue to feel better!
Oh and homeopathic colic drops before bed too! She is also quite gassy. Sleeping on her tummy has helped a bit with that.
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