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Oh and I was going to do the meds because I had them so bad. But I took it for one day and had the worst migraine ever. It's a high blood pressure medication that you're only supposed to need to take for two weeks to cure the spasms. But I just couldn't see doing two weeks of that. Also it warmed up around that time so they got a lot better. So not sure if the meds work even.
I had them for the first three months!! The first two were the worst due to the cold weather aggravating them. But yeah I also get them when I get nipple issues/blebs etc. the only thing that helps somewhat is using Dr Newman APNO cream consistently for a week or so until the nipple has healed. I haven't found a lasting cure though unfortunately. I don't think there is one
Ahhh too many cute babies in here! Here is our family on Sunday minus me of course since I took the pic And clarissa modeling a cute hair bow I got for free.
You're not the only one! It's quite a change for sure. I still have some weight to lose and will probably need a whole new wardrobe even after I get to the weight I want. I also got a ton of stretch marks and even though they are fading slowly, it's taking time for me to accept. I wasn't expecting to get them that bad! However I am happy to not be hugely pregnant anymore and feel pretty good in that respect. I know I look ok in clothes and most probably don't even notice...
Miss Riss just rolled over for the first time today! From tummy to back. Makes the extremely cranky morning worth it
I can feel bumpy ridges along the bottom front of her gums now but when it first started it was just massive drool and all she can think about is what to chew on next. She will also chew on things and scream because it hurts but she won't stop! And just more fussy in general on top of it all.
Rissa will be 4 months old on Saturday. Wow! We have our dr visit on Monday so we will see what he says. She is about 13 lbs too I think. She's been teething for the past three weeks but this past week has been the worst. It's all she can think about when she is awake. We have been doing Tylenol at night to help her sleep. She likes Sophie but nothing much seems to help otherwise. I hope all our teethers get their first teeth soon so they can have a break!!
We bought one of those baby Einstein jumpers last weekend. She is still too small for it though and not quite ready to sit up by herself. I'm finding it a challenge right now to occupy her during the day. She is hardcore teething already and pretty miserable!
Yes kellybeth, we've had a rough week too with her not wanting to be out down. I just don't know what to do with her sometimes! Maybe it's the start of teething combined with a development leap? Rissa can't roll over yet but she is trying. She can get to her side and can't figure out what to do with her arms. The crocodile tears kill me. I was in tears last night too just feeling so overwhelmed! We haven't dtd yet and I'm glad we didn't since I had that weird extra...
Yeah I'm not having a lot of success with wearing her and I know I'm not coordinated enough for a back carry anyways lol! I can't even get a ring sling to work most of the time and she doesn't like it. We are getting help from a sleep consultant now. I just need to be consistent and apparently it will fall into place. Daytimes are hard though right now. She is a light sleeper and I have a hard time sleeping as well when she is in bed with me. We have had a few successful...
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