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Yeah I'm not having a lot of success with wearing her and I know I'm not coordinated enough for a back carry anyways lol! I can't even get a ring sling to work most of the time and she doesn't like it. We are getting help from a sleep consultant now. I just need to be consistent and apparently it will fall into place. Daytimes are hard though right now. She is a light sleeper and I have a hard time sleeping as well when she is in bed with me. We have had a few successful...
1) How are you feeling physically and emotionally? Physically I am doing ok except for one issue. I thought I had started my period last week but it turned out to be some weird extra tissue growing out of where I had my small tear. I don't remember the name of it now but after a very stressful ER visit last week (because omg I had bloody tissue coming out of me) and a dr visit today I think it's in it's way to being resolved. Really freaked me out though. Apparently it can...
My DH wants to go to Star Trek so badly. This will probably be our first outing and serious bottle try as well. Maybe next weekend. Working through some sleep issues right now
I got my period yesterday. Not impressed 😕 The day before I was so emotional, bawling over silly things and my boobs were sore. Thought I was losing my mind lol
Rissa is the same way. Some days or times of day seem to bother her more than others. They can be in this phase for months though with no actual teeth popping out. Does anyone have links for good places to buy the necklaces?
Here is Clarissa at 12 weeks
Teles that first pic with the bow kills me. So cute! Typebug I love the hands! I can't believe some babies are rolling over already! Rissa hates tummy time so it might be a while for her. She is however trying to sit up and has great head control! Kellybeth what a great idea to do a pic a day. Very sweet photo!
Love the hair Buko! Rissa still doesn't have much hair.
I'm definitely going to check out old navy. I don't usually wear dresses but I think this summer I might have to!
That's so awesome tori! I can't wait for Rissa's first laugh we should all post videos of them when they start laughing if we can capture it! I love hearing baby laughs
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