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Amadeus Nathaniel Delorean  (Delorean is masculine for Delores after my grandma and my partners mom) btw, my chunky little non stop nurser is two weeks in this picture      
So I'm hoping and praying that last night it was the onions I ate that made my baby fussy and not the dairy.  I just can't see myself going without my milk.  I also only drink raw milk and I'm about to start working again. I work at home and my work is milking my two cows, so I would go insane if I couldn't drink my fresh milk.   BTW, milk here goes for $12-15 a gallon minimum so $4 a gallon is almost free.
I used to be ant-synthetic fabrics, but since living in the tropics everything natural except wool molds.  So we have some of those fuzzy blankets and we really like how soft they are.  Not like the polyester of old.
Your story brought tears to my eyes!
So happy for you!!!
I want to clarify about eating the placenta and why I think it's good.  My bleeding and afterpains have been minimal and I feel really good right now. I've watched my cows and goats go crazy on their placenta after giving birth and not even pay attention to their babies until they devoured it completely.   So I just let go of preconditioned grossness that I was thinking of and I ate about three small pieces right away, and I loved it.  My midwife made me the dish....
My water broke around 11am.  Called my partner Erik to let him know, he was out feeding the cows.  I wasn't sure if it was pee because it dripped out slowly for a while, I used a ph strip to tell.  He came right home and contractions started around 12:30.  They would vary between 1-5 minutes apart last 2-3 minutes.  Just about every contraction I would drip amniotic fluid, or pee, or both.   It was a very wet labor, lots of fluids!!  I soaked through several towels....
Our new baby boy was born at 5:03 pm after 5 hours of contractions! I'll write the story later.    
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