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I agree that it is probably just her age. If it will be a big battle to get her in a diaper, perhaps you could slip one on before you go to bed, when she is in a deep sleep.
I'm so glad you have been able to have those talks, it's wonderful she has someone so receptive and trustworthy to stand by her in this. She probably won't ever be able to tell you "why" because there isn't necessarily an answer. I agree that school should not be involved at all. If at some point she needs to drop classes then ask an MD for a generic medical leave note and get a "hardship withdrawal". I was threatened with "school discipline up to expulsion" when my...
First of all *hugs* and I am so sorry you are going through this.I dealt with depression and suicidal urges for 6 years, and tried my hand at it twice when I was 20 and 21... just so you know where I'm coming from.Yes to everything "meemee" said.The fact that she said she "just wants to die somehow" is a good indicator that she is not in immediate danger, (according to hospital psych evals). As you keep the dialogue open, noting whether it sounds like she actually has a...
No specific recommendations, but the training and approach for nurse practitioners (ARNP) tends to be more holistic than MDs.  Nurses are trained in western medicine, but are taught to look at the whole person/life and what the humans needs are, not just pathophysiology.  Seattle U and Bastyr even have a partnership where you can earn a ND and ARNP at the same time.  So if you don't find an MD you love, try an ARNP.
How wonderful that you have found someone who fits your family so well!  Don't let her get away =)   I have done childcare for 15+ years, the last 2, since my son was born, he has come with me.  Here are my answers...   1. N/A... except now that I am in school trying to find someone I want to leave my son with I am realizing how difficult it can be to find that right person.  If they were a good fit in all those ways you mentioned I wouldn't hesitate for a second...
I would love to take you up on this if you are still offering it.  PM me if you are :)
I had a homebirth that was covered by DSHS.  Just sign up with Molina (instead of community health plan?... there are 2 dshs options) and all the midwives I know will take it.  The only thing you will need to pay for is some supplies and the birth assistant, which in the seattle area runs $200-$300.  There are some midwives who use students to assist, but I'm not a huge fan of that.  My sister even had her birth center birth completely covered.
I have nannied a couple girls with strong clothing opinions by 2.5-3.  I usually offered 2 outfit options and that made them happy, otherwise neither me or the moms were ever stressed about letting them wear whatever marvelously creative ensemble they would create.
Your son sounds like he is doing all the things he should be at his age.  I read once "metamorphosis" is a much more accurate term for the change from infanthood to adulthood than "growth" is, because their brains operate so differently than ours.  He is exploring his world, and that's exactly what he needs to do right now.  My son can sometimes sit quietly through a church service (22mos) and it has nothing to do with parenting or "maturity" ... it's just his...
If you want to do it, then you should go for it, mama!  You and your baby's bond will survive those little departures just fine.  I would recommend you spend some time with the caregiver while she is interacting with babies though.  If she has more than one under 2yrs than I would not use her unless she is comfortable with using a carrier like a moby for your LO - they are the easiest way apart from nursing to get LO's that age to sleep while attending to other kids.  
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