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Anyone have an advice for dealing with biting? I have 12 month old b/g twins. My daughter started biting her brother about a month ago, but it is getting progressively worse. She bites him if he has something that she wants or sometimes if he is just near her. I also have a 3 year old so it is not realistic to keep an eye on here every single second that she is with her twin.  I don't know what to do!
Have you contacted Dr. Davidson at Ben Taub? She is the VBAC doctor. She will be speaking at the birth fair this weekend. Dr. Zepeda with The Women's Specialists is incredible. He was my OB when I delivered my twins naturally in February. 
Dr. Stone with Texas Children's Pediatrics Friendswood really pushes for vax, but supports parents making their own decisions. She is a great doctor, and we spent half an hour discussing vax with her yesterday. 
FINALLY FINISHED http://wholeparentingblog.wordpress.com/2013/04/22/the-birth-of-harrison-lennox/
^^ Cole encapsulated mine! Just meeting her is worth the $200  lol
Chapsie- totally crying. those pictures are BEAUTIFUL. Scruffy- Nate is soooooooo adorable!! eternalw- what a beauty!!! Here are my babes at 6 weeks:   Harrison     Lennox     :)
ChocolateChip, he is GORGEOUS! Congrats!!!
writermama had baby Rowan after 3 hours in the water. 8lb 14oz and perfect. They are resting and going home in an hour 
writermama is in labor as of 11:45 last night! Will update if I hear from her 
absolutely gorgeous!!
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