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That is our problem too. To buy:  Post partum pads Ice pack peri pads Hemorrhoid pads Sports drink Changing pad Big grocery stock up trip for lazy meal components Swaddle blankets Bouncer Diapers (our cloth stash is way too small for 2 newborns) Wipes Crib sheets Bottles Breast pads Breastmilk bags Baby girl clothesTo Do: Make freezer meals Install carseats Pack hospital bag Write birth plan Belly cast Make a "big brother" shirt for DS Clean/organize our room Finish...
I'm really not scared of anything regarding the pregnancy (finding out it was twins was scary, though!!!!) because the babies are both growing so well.  I am scared that Baby A is going to turn back to breech and I won't even get to attempt a vaginal birth. I am honestly terrified of a c-section.  Afterwards, I am scared that I won't have enough time between two newborns and DS. It has been DS and me for 2.5 years. It is going to be an adjustment to say the least! I'm...
That is so bogus sunshine. I hope you don't get locked out, again! We miss you, too!! Glad to hear that the pregnancy is going well. Hoping you can stick around so we can share the rest of the pregnancy with you!
Yay! I need more ideas as well! Freezer:  Turkey Chili Shepherd's pie calzones Lasagna (one meat, one spinach) broccoli cheese chowder meatloaf meatballs stew muffins (banana, blueberry) waffles quinoa pancakes crepes Pantry: lactation cookies chex mix  
Thanks, Cabbit & SlimP! SlimP- It was strictly inversions. The breech tilts looked way more complicated and I worried I wouldn't be doing it right or that I would injure myself lol
My 2 year old does the same thing! I find it cute until about the 5th "kiss" lol Is it weird that I love cutting baby/todder nails? I was terrified at first with DS, but now I'm all for it.    Scruffy, I'm jealous of the snow. However 10 inches is no fun. Nothing worse than having to dig out your car!! Had my last growth u/s yesterday (woo hoo!). I love getting to see the babies, but I'm not a fan of so many u/s or laying on my back for that long. Both kiddos look great...
He is already planning on them playing trains and blocks with them. I have tried to explain that they are going to be very little for a while, but that eventually they will play with him. I keep mentioning ways they can interact together (cuddles, kisses, snuggles) and that he can help me feed them and give them baths and pick out their clothes. He seems to be excited about that stuff!
Personally, I wouldn't do it. I agree with rnra that there are simple ways to keep your blood sugar in check without taking a supplement. I would think that chromium would be a last resort. If you or your midwife are worried about a breech, there are exercises on the spinning babies site that can help you turn baby. One of the babies has been persistently breech my entire pregnancy (I'm 32 weeks today), and after doing the exercises on spinning babies he is now vertex!
Loved our backpack diaper bag (skip hop) with DS. Didn't have to worry about it falling off my arm while trying to carry the infant seat. This time since we need more room, we are just going with a regular backpack. Things to put in there: diapers wipes wetbag rash cream hand sanitizer lotion (I never have lotion when I need it!) changing pad change of clothes for baby extra shirt for you (in case of boob leakage or spit up) breast pads (if you're...
Thank you for your feedback, ladies. I am definitely not going to stress about anything until after the shower. I am going to go and enjoy it and get even more excited about the babies coming  Maybe I will be pleasantly surprised. If not, I will just make DH in charge of dealing with returns/exchanges 
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