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Yes I do. I think that is the problem. I have a few friends who are master knitters, but can't get the hang of crocheting. I taught myself to crochet, but I think I need someone to physically sit with me and teach me how to knit!
smartwool.com would be your best bet. I have found their socks at running stores, but I haven't seen the over knee socks in store
I had to pull out the BeBand the other day. More out of comfort than absolute necessity, but sheesh!! It is way too early for that. I'm already outgrowing most of my shirts, too. 
i really want to learn how to knit. i have tried and i find it impossible 
Please Delete 
 Thank you all SO much. Your words are so kind and reassuring. Exactly what I needed to hear!
RainGarden- I am not her only child, I have an older sister. I didn't know it was possible to love someone as much as DS, so I'm sure it is possible to love another baby just as much (thought it is hard to imagine!). I don't know what my mother is thinking. 
Things are going well with my dad. He is concerned about how I'm feeling/eating but doesn't ask about the baby or anything to do with it (this is normal for him). My mother is acting like having another baby means that we don't care about DS anymore. She'll say things like, "this doesn't mean you can rush him to grow up" or "you aren't going to take elliott's bed away are you?!" It is really irritating considering that I love DS more than anything on the planet, and...
I don't have any experience with this, but I am wondering the same thing. We aren't finding out this time around. Our mw is sending us to an independent u/s place for the 20 week scan. I'm worried that the tech will slip. I do know that the mw request that the tech does not even write down the sex of the baby so that everyone is surprised at the birth (I like that!). So I'm hoping that will make it easier.  Interested in hearing from people with experience!
Kellykins- glad to see that baby is doing well!!  maydaymom10- I'm hoping to get my energy back! Time definitely feels like it is flying this time around. Can't wait to hear how things go at your appointment! Granola- I'm sorry that you have had such  stressful week  With DS we had our u/s at 18 weeks, and this time around we will be having it before 20 weeks. Hopefully they don't make you wait until 20. beautifulnm- I am having birth anxiety, too. I had a crap birth...
New Posts  All Forums: