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 no problem! They have a ton of freebies, so I always make sure to check there before I make anything! Can't wait to see the finished product!!
Officially in the second trimester (no matter how the math works)!! Hoping I will regain some of my energy soon!!
He had two accidents in the car yesterday, but has been really good this week about making it to the bathroom in time at home!
Here we are at 13 weeks. I don't know if I am any bigger, but I think I am rounder.
Hello my twin!  IT FIT! I was really surprised. I was mostly concerned about the base overhang, but we are definitely in the 80/20. The seat will definitely not fit in the middle, because DS's seat is too wide. But I can still squeeze myself in the middle if I need to. We are still thinking about trying to get a bigger vehicle, but we might wait until this car is paid off and then become a 2 car family (which would be great for me!)
SO cute, Jodie! You should check Ravelry to see if they have a similar pattern for free before you buy!
I hope you are able to get to a doctor before March. I know that they work out payment plans for people without insurance. Continue to take care of yourself as if you got a positive test. I'll be thinking about you!
The car seat is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow. Thank god it is DP's day off, so I can install it as soon as it arrives. I'm anticipating it not fitting (we ordered the Chaperone), which means that we will probably be going to BRU tomorrow to exchange it. Either way, I'm excited. This is our first major purchase for #2 and it makes it feel more real!
I had some confusion with this, too. I'll be 13 weeks on friday, so I'm getting ready to celebrate! 
That is exactly me! I am EXHAUSTED this time, but contribute that to having a toddler. I'm as big at 12 as I was at 18 with DS, just not as rounded. 
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