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babytoes- We just ordered the Chaperone. I am freaking out that it isn't going to fit in our car. We have a Scion XB, but I read that the Chaperone is best in an SUV (I read this after purchase). Luckily Babies R Us has a good return policy. I am so anxious for the seat to be delivered so that I can see if the thing will fit. We have backup choices, but it is still really stressing me out!
We used Rockin Green for a while but I didn't love it enough to keep having to order it. I like the convenience of running to the store and picking something up. When we switched over mainly to fitteds, I switched to Tide powder which is incredible.  I switched to Ecos detergent and one other green soap, and it caused a lot of build up and DS was getting ammonia burns from his overnight diapers. We are back to tide now, and will definitely be sticking with that. 
If we do not come to an agreement, there is no way that I am giving in. We are giving birth in a birthing center, so it isn't like we will be in the hospital with a choice whether to circ or not. He would have to find a doctor and schedule a circ and deal with all of that for it even to be an option. I really don't think he cares enough to do all of that.  I have plenty of time to convince him before this baby is born. I know he just being irrational, and he isn't a...
haha we totally are! too funny  I am itching to buy diapers, but it is a cost issue for us, too. Not such a bad thing, because I haven't completely decided on what I want. I am hesitant to buy OS diapers, because they can be SO BULKY on newborns (but I don't have firsthand experience). 
I knew that DP was not onboard with keeping #2 (if it ends up that we have a boy) intact, but I thought that he just gave in. I brought it up in the car the other day to make sure we were on the same page, and we are not. His reasons are SO irritating. He doesn't want him made fun of in the locker room, he says the first time he is going to have sex the girl won't want to because he won't be circumcised, and because "it looks weird".  He doesn't believe me when I tell him...
The first year and a half with DS was fairly easy (if you don't count the colic). Lately he has been acting out- ignoring me, throwing fits, sitting on our small dog. I am pregnant with #2 and I know that it is only going to get crazier when I have the baby. I feel like I spend all day yelling at DS (and it doesn't work). I love him so much and I don't want him growing up remembering that all I did was yell. How do you all handle your frustration/discipline your kids...
I have no experience with this, but when I googled it I found this article.  http://www.salient-news.com/2011/02/terbutaline-linked-to-autism/
Desert- the nursery looks absolutely beautiful! I hope you and DW are loving up on your little girl!! I posted a few days ago, but didn't go into details about myself. I'm Ellie. Pregnant with #2 and due in March. We have a 2 year old boy named Elliott, who is the sweetest thing ever. I've been with my partner, Reagan, for almost 4 years. Reagan is MTF transsexual, and therefore can't carry our babies. We are so happy to be adding another little to our family,...
DS is still RF at 26 months. He is almost to the height limit, so we will be turning him when he gets there. He is now in a convertible (grace MyRide 65).  We ordered the Britax Chaperone (the seat I always wanted for DS). I have no idea if it will even fit in our car, so if I need to get a smaller one we will exchange it for a Chicco Keyfit 30.
I had these super early and frequently with #1. I have definitely felt a few with #2, but not as often. It may be odd, but I love feeling them. Since I'm not feeling movement yet, this at least makes me feel pregnant!
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