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keeping you in my thoughts TTW4. I am so sorry for your loss 
  Here I am at 12 weeks! I love seeing everyone's adorable bellies!!!
Hello everyone!  I am new around here. My name is Ellie. I have been with my partner Reagan for almost 4 years. We have a 2yo little boy, and are expecting #2 in March. i am very glad to find this board, and hope to get to know you all very soon!
I was extremely uneducated about circ when my son was born. I was under the assumption that it was routine and no big deal. I know how stupid that sounds. I didn't research the pros and cons. I SO wish I had. I feel immense guilt over this. He was not circumcised until he was a few months old, due to insurance reasons. We had no problem with his intact penis. I just thought I was "supposed" to circumcise.  Now we are pregnant with #2 and if it is a boy, he will...
thank you for pointing me in the right direction, ladies!
We circumcised DS, because I had no idea of the repercussions. I just thought that everyone did it and that it was no big deal (I know how stupid that sounds).  I am pregnant again, and I don't know what we are having. If it is a boy we will leave him intact. I like by the "know better, do better" motto, but I still feel HORRIBLE that I didn't research with DS.  I didn't know if there were any other parents who have made this mistake, too?  If this isn't the proper...
Thanks so much for sharing! I have been a lot more regular since getting pregnant, but after I had DS I was constipated a lot. I will definitely be doing this after #2 arrives!
I'm glad you shared this. I'm not sure what we are going to be buying yet, but I would love to support another MDC mama when we buy our cloth!
babytoes that is one adorable bump!!!
Trying to decide on the car seat we want. I like the convenience of the infant car seat  (especially when baby falls asleep in the car), but I like the thought of only having to purchase one car seat to last a few years.  The infant seats we are looking at are not compatible with our stroller, but I plan to wear the baby anyway.  Has anyone used a convertible with a newborn? pros & cons? Have you decided what type/brand of car seat you will be using? I know it is...
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