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so sorry for your loss. i am thinking of you
how is everyone doing? I'm doing ok. Still trying to come to terms with this pregnancy.     still in the midst of queasiness? Not as constant as it was a few weeks ago (THANK GOODNESS!)   is anyone showing yet? Some days I think yes, but that just seems to be bloat. I feel huge, though!   has anyone told yet? Nope. We aren't going to tell until after our 12 week appointment. I'm extremely nervous to tell my parents. I think DH's family will be...
We are dealing with this, too! One day he stopped listening, doesn't take me seriously at all. And cries at EVERYTHING. He is either upset or defiant. I don't think DS is teething. He just seems to like pushing my buttons.
We had the exact problem. No accidents AT ALL when naked, but as soon as we put the undies on it was like an invitation for accidents. I just stuck it out and after about 5 days we were completely accident free with them.  It is frustrating, but it worked!
He will ask me for something to eat, and then take a bite or two and not want it anymore. He won't finish it. I have refused to give him anything else, and he doesn't care. I worry about him eating enough. Any advice?
My guy is 37.5 inches and 29 lbs. If you want pockets, I really like our Blueberry OS, because they are bigger than other OS. I also love my Sustainablebabyish sized fitters (size Large)
If you are unfamiliar: http://www.lotusbirth.net/index.php/the-value-of-a-lotus-birth I don't know if it is even an option for us, because we are delivering at a birth center. I am still considering it as an option, but I wanted to try placenta encapsulation and obviously can't do both. Just wondering if anyone is planning one :)
bumping one more time...ANYONE?!
I looked through these pages and wrote down the questions that I found most important:  http://www.naturalbirthandbabycare.com/midwifechecklist.html http://www.thehealthybelly.com/healthy_beginnings.php?article_id=255&sub_tab_id=5  
Sometimes with the extreme bloating, I look 6 month pregnant! On a normal day my stomach is still flat. We aren't going to tell anyone until at least 12 weeks. I didn't start showing with DS until I was around 18 weeks.
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