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I have been snapping a lot. The fact that I am completely exhausted 24/7 and feeling sick doesn't help anything. I hope this goes away or no one is going to want to be around me!
We found out with #1, but won't be finding out for #2. I liked knowing and getting to shop for clothes and stuff, but I think finding out at birth is going to be an incredible moment. We will be having an ultrasound around 20 weeks, because it is routine for the midwife we are using. But the midwife requests that the ultrasound tech doesn't even write down the gender so that everyone is surprised. I know it is going to be hard waiting to find out, but it is totally...
Pit was hell (i spent the majority of my contractions crying), but my fear of the epidural needle was way more intense than the pain! I plan to read Ina May's Guide to Childbirth. I am glad that it has such positive reviews! Thank you for the hypnobabies recommendation. I'm going to check it out!
I'm so sorry, mama.  sending you big hugs <3
Still nursing my 2yo. It is really uncomfortable on my nipples, but other than that no issues!
The heat (and mosquitos!!!!) are killing my running schedule. I will go early on sunday mornings, but I'm not dragging a toddler out to get eaten alive by bugs during the week. I have been doing simple ab and leg workouts a few times a week, but I really want to get a prenatal yoga dvd.
I had my son in a hospital. I didn't receive any pain meds, but I was on pitocin.  This time around, I will be delivering in a birth center. So many factors will be different (for the better), but I am still worried that I won't be able to do it. Theoretically this birth should be more relaxed and easier (sans pitocin), but I am so nervous about it.  Anyone else feeling the same way?
I really like the outline of their curriculum, but I don't know anyone who has completed this program. If anyone has experience with this program, I would really appreciate your opinions!
Wild doula- off topic, but I saw that you are a midwifery student. what program are you enrolled in?
I'm not wild doula, but UC stands for unassisted childbirth. That means she will be delivering the baby herself :)
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