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I forgot to guess weights. OK so, Feb 15. Baby A 5lb 14oz, Baby B 5lb 10oz.
If I'm not mistaken, it is where we are matched up with a buddy and we can exchange contact info so that our buddy can update the group when we are in labor/give birth.
Writermama, try not to stress about it. Baby A was continuously breech for me until 31 weeks. All the providers I saw told me that if he didn't turn by 32 weeks, to count on a c-section because there won't be more room for him to flip. Well he turned, but then I was looking for reassurance that he would stay head down (with their no more room logic) but no one would even tell me that there was a good chance! Don't think it is the end all be all. babies can turn later than...
I've been having strong feelings for Feb 15th, and I'm thinking they will be middle of the night babies. Like 2 or 3am.
Amee, just wanted to check and make sure that everything stopped and that you are doing ok!
THAT IS AWESOME!!!!! The belly painting sounds awesome, too! I do not have any fun ideas, because I haven't been a part of a photo session before, but when I need inspiration I usually check out pinterest. We had similar news happen. The lady who is encapsulating my placenta is also a birth photographer, and offered to photograph our birth for free to build her portfolio. I am so happy. The only pictures we had from DS being in the hospital were taken on a camera...
Pregnancy really amplified my anxiety. I get seriously worried that DP will die on his way to work everyday. Or that something will happen to DS in his sleep. Or that someone will come in our house and steal him (I know I sound like a nut).  As for the babies, I have started to fear that they will have birth defects or that one of them will be blind. I just try to acknowledge my fears and accept the fact that I can't control the outcomes. All I can do is take care of...
Definitely check with your insurance. Mine said they would only cover a manual pump.
Those are the only techniques I used. I did more inversion than tilt. I will be crossing my fingers and sending good vibes your way!colsxjack- the boys are SOOOOOOO adorable!!!!!
I have had these same exact thoughts a lot lately. 
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