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So, I think we may have made a baby, but I haven't tested yet. Happy and bummed at the same time. I've planned my last two so well that l I am disappointed in myself for not sticking with the plan. Yes, we will all survive and have fun with another one folding right into the mix...but I am worried about my 10 mo baby feeling shafted. So, happy and sad. But hey, maybe it is just a crazy cycle and my period will show...
Seven-- I think that is a great goal to focus on. Start with what you think is manageable right now, like everything not nutritional: processed foods like pasta, boxed goods, and all refined sugar products. I am better at cutting it all out at once because if I eat a little, I begin to make lots of small cheats and exceptions and finally end up eating 70good/30bad, which isn't great.
I've been really enjoying this thread while waiting out the 2WW and resisting the urge to obsessively think it to death (symptom spotting, testing too soon...). I don't know how I feel about it all, actually I  guess I *know* that I am feeling conflicted. My hubby has been telling me that it is fine to be conflicted, but to be mindful and objective about the process so the it doesn't hijack my mood. So I'm doing that, not testing until I clearly have missed a period, and...
Welcome Bruna and welcome  Chaika and Mama2,   So I already told you about DH supporting me in my desire to maybe have one more child, but I got so excited last night that DH confessed that he in fact really does want one more that we threw caution to the wind in our state of feeling the love!! So much for waiting until next fall. Now to wait and see. I f I am not pregnant in two weeks, we will not be doing this again. Although I would be surprised if I wasn't since I...
oh, one more thing! I actually lost more like 70 lbs and didn't realize it! I don't count calories or even think about it, nor do I own a scale...but I just tried on my size 6 jeans (three pairs) and they fit!
take a look at the Weston a price foundation website too! btw, this isn't a weightloss diet, that just happens to be a great bonus. I chose to eat this way to optimize my health and to prevent disease, as my mother is dying from severe diseases all diet related.
3lilchunklins- lol...paleo is just the term used for people who eat more biologically (like no grain/flour, refined sugar, processed oils or food...) we eat healthy saturated fats, meat, veg/fruit and I added in raw dairy. It is what the body thrives on at a cellular level. lots of books and research support this lifestyle, especially for disease curing and prevention.
Seven-- look up a website called mark's daily apple. read the success stories. It is possible to do in a healthy way! I've been eating mostly paleo since DS3 was born 9 mo ago and have lost about 50 lbs, buy I also have fallen off the wagon a few times. I ate strict paleo for a year before getting pregnant with great results. Clean eating feels great too. Good luck.
After several weeks of thought about this, I am uncertain about waiting so long for my last baby (and if I do or do not want to be pregnant again). I think there are advantages to both having another child sooner and waiting an extra year. If we do have another, conception has to be late summer to have an early summer baby (essential for us as my DH is a teacher) so either this coming summer/fall TTC or the next. My friend just a had his first baby last night and I am...
If you are on facebook, check to see if there is a local or regional free swap page or online yardsale in your area. Those are very helpful for finding cheap baby items like cloth diapers. There are other ways to get what you need but that is one I rely on. Good luck!
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