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((Hug)) Simonsez2u, I understand how you are feeling and how hard it is to decide something you are not feeling 100% confident about. Now, I've got 3 boys and told DH after both births of my two youngest that I never wanted to do that again! Lol. But I have to admit that I really think I do want one more, even though I was the one demanding dh get a V. From what I've been told from others, mothers do feel a sense of being done making new life at some point, not...
jtapc90- I have three boys and feel kinda like I *should* feel done...like there is an expectation that I should feel totally satisfied. And I am, but cannot deny my feeling of wanting to experience one final time. I question my desire and try to think about the benefit of another child to our family, but I am not sure if I can see clearly how another one might affect us. How is it having 4? How are they spaced? Have you found it makes a difference?
well, writing about it here helps me! I just created a wanting but waiting thread. I have an 8 mo. It is hard, with my toddler and baby at home, but I do want to do it again. I am trying to wait at least two years but I find that it will probably be hard for me. I have an impulsive personality and I can talk myself into doing something I really want to do despite the consequences that may come--meaning, I want another child but not for a few years because having them close...
Hi everyone! It is nearly the new year and the last 2013 thread petered out in September, so here is a new one for anyone who needs support or advice.   I am a 32 yo SAHM of three boys, ages 12, 2.5 and 8mo. I thought I should be done, as we have a lovely family and are very active--so DH wants us to be done so we can get past the baby stage and start to travel and camp and do a bunch of fun things together...but, I am coming to the conclusion that I do not feel done...
so happy for you c.chip!
good luck mama you deserve it!!!
Wow scruffy, what a surprising turn of events! I am so glad it all worked out well in the end. Love the photos too.
ELVs and congrats to the new mamas
Good luck sunshine and tryst!!
The First Voyage of Rowan Ulysses   Preparations   It took months for the babe to finally let go and feel ready for his trip. For nearly a week leading up to his birth I’d been having sleepless nights. Any breath of a noise and I’d rouse from a dreamless discomfort. Snow plow scraping ice, husband shuffling the covers, having to pee again and again, numb tingling fingers, full moon crossing my window, achy hips, feeling like my stomach was eating itself—anything...
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