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My friend Jen and her 1 yo son Lukas and myself and my 1 yo daughter Zehla in our Boba Tweets.
My friend Jen and her son Lukas (1 yr) and I and my daughter Zehla (1 yr) in our Boba Tweets.
I was also going to suggest making your own, but I have not researched and now that sometimes certain ingredients are costly and not easy to come by. Have you looked for a human milk bank? I live in Nebraska and we have Human Milk for Human Babies - Nebraska, so I'm sure there are others. I've donated thousands of ounces to women around here just by word of mouth and I also donated to a milk bank. Obviously you would have to buy from a milk bank, however if you have a...
I couldn't reply to the PM - not sure what is going on there; perhaps because I'm new.   I agree. My almost 3 yo was also having stomach ache issues due to the same thing, however he was saying that his bum hurt. He is not yet potty trained, so once we got the first one out, we were good to go - it just took a lot of encouragement to get it out. I also agree with the meds. We stopped the hydrocodone after we saw the terrible things it was doing to him, we just didn't...
I felt the same way until I started going to LLL and have made several friends through that now and have playdates with them. They are now my core group of mommy friends moreso than the women I was friends with before. That would be where I would start, but I know it's going to be hard. Good luck!!
My 4 yo daughter loves being worn just as much as my 14 mo!
My 3 mo niece on my front and my 1 yo daughter on my back.
My 3 mo niece on my front and my 1 yo daughter on my back.
I love my Boba - I'm 4'11" and 200#. I used my 5.2M woven wrap (Storchewiege until she was about 4 or 5 months and then I started using the Boba. I also love the Boba because I can wear my toddler and my preschooler in it and the wrap. I would suggest either of those. Check out local babywearing groups or cloth diaper stores. Either should have some carriers you can try on. Good luck!!
My almost 3 yo son broke his femur this past weekend and is also in a spica cast. We have been dealing with the same thing and I have a 14 mo old who nurses every 3 to 4 hours at night. Yesterday we finally spoke with the dr about how he wasn't sleeping (he was shaking and having body tremors everytime he would start to fall asleep) and the dr prescribed valium. I'm not a big fan of meds in general, but we stopped the hydrocodone plus acetaminaphin the night before...
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