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So I think I got my OPK positive, first one but had faded lines for a couple days then a solid one, so put that down as my O day, was day 15. Now am I right in thinking that since I had a small temp surge on day 10 that I O'd a few days before my positive? CONFUSED! Really wanting to time my insem ON the day of O as would like to sway for a boy if possible! Need to get these timings spot on! 
Monk - good luck, maybe a day or so will make all the difference to ur BFP :)    Cordelia - thank you! will keep checking, im on CD13 so fingers crossed I get a line soon, starting to wonder if im ever gonna O this cycle!   Easttowest - good plan! seeing BFN cant be good for either of you, give it till then and I will cross my fingers for you both :)
WOW! sorry guys have been on holiday so missed a heap! just tried to read the catch up posts..... so many different stages going on, its a wide world of experiences!    Well AF was 4 days late )typical now im trying to track it) and now im tracking my temp, etc etc, im on day 12 of my cycle now but my temp hasnt gone up at all yet, and my OPK has showed faint lines for the past two days... now im thinking im all muddled with my cycle! Was planning on starting TTC in...
.... can anyone please explain the triggers thing to me?? Is this the signs of ovulation or is this something different? Im wanting to conceive as close to O as possible so this may be vital info for me!! thank you :)
Oh my god AF is late...! This is confusing my cycle now because I had my dates all planned out, typical! Must be stressing myself out too much, though stopping smoking and changing my diet might have had an effect, I havent been near any sperm so I know its not that! This is mad because in a few months time I hope to be pleased at a late AF...! Oh well any day now I can begin my monitoring......   JustAnotherJenny: you are just a couple months ahead of me, Im excited...
Will continue posting in August thread, thanks :)
Yay :) Im moving to August, see u there!
thank you :) will keep the forum posted!
Hey August :)   Im just waitin on AF so I can begin monitoring my full cycle from day 1, its great to be on board this post because we're kinda keeping this all quiet from our friends so its great to be able to talk openly about everything! Looking forward to watching everyone's stories unfold :)
thank you! will keep you all posted :)
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