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Pokey, thanks for bumping this! She's pretty used to dad at this point. He's home most of the time and he will occasionally take the kids out while I'm working on something so she's been away from me for 4-5 hours before with no problems. I'm hoping that we'll have a similar experience although I will be gone for a bit longer.
Thank you! What a great resource for working moms. I have been trying to pump enough for her for the first few days but it's been so challenging since she seems to nurse about every hour or two except at night. I'm hoping that it is more for comfort than nourishment since I won't be able to pump that much at work. Luckily she's old enough now that I don't have to worry about bottles and things like that, she already drinks from a cup.  I'm sure that my supply will adjust...
I just got a job and will be starting to work next week for 16-20 hours a week, leaving my 12 month old with my husband 3 days a week for about 8 hours (including time it takes me to commute). When my older daughter was around the same age I was attending school and was away from her for about 5 hours a day in the morning but I never worried about pumping or separation since it was fairly short and she usually was just waking up when I get home. I'm a lot more nervous...
We have kicked a few colds by taking a lot of vitamin C and calcium lactate supplements but most importantly trying to rest and de-stress!
DD started preschool/daycare last year a little while after she turned 3. Initially I wasn't sure it was a great idea but she's so social and loved it so much when we went to visit I figured it would be good for her. The first few months were great, then I guess the excitement wore off and she started crying when we took her in to drop her off. I think part of it had to do with dropping her off early before most of the kids and other teachers showed up. I did keep her home...
We love all of the Sandra Boynton books, especially Snuggle Puppy. Our newest favorites are the Betty Bunny series, they're funny and my daughter (and I) can relate to them a lot. Another cute one my daughter likes a lot right now is "That's when I'm happy" by Beth Shoshan.
We use bumgenius organic AIOs, they go 12 hours without leaks and my baby rarely gets a rash. I've also heard of people having great success with wool covers and my next investment will be fitted diapers with wool covers since the all in ones are kind of bulky. Neither of my kids ever seemed to mind being wet during the night though, so letting them sleep without changing was never really an issue. 
Love this! My husband and I yell too much and dont spend enough time with the kids. We do way too much TV, too much iPad, way too much sugar and fast food and are starting my 4 year old in public preschool this fall. I was homeschooled and its definitely not for me. Once my kids are both in school I'll be working to afford my starbucks every day.
Hope I'm doing this right!     I love being a Mothering member because it's a place for moms like me to get together and share their troubles and joys. I've used mothering as a resource through pregnancy and with my two children when I couldn't find help elsewhere. I've asked for advice for other moms and gained inspiration from articles and discussion boards. I love how supportive the Mothering community and how it constantly reminds me what's important in life...
My midwife did submit the claim. She said she usually had pretty good luck with Blue Cross but I didn't check the plan to see if it would be covered. I just heard from her today and she asked if I had heard anything, so that's probably not a good sign.
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