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ck out my post of camper living...it can be done, but there again we are downsizing...have been married 41 years and retired.  I look at it like I am playing house...have always loved miniatures so, after a year in it, I am basically still okay...just miss my house when we want to have functions and our farm doesnt have any shade trees, yet.  If you want a simple life, then it might be for you....Grandmom Ruby
My husband and I live in a camper on a 50 acre farm we bought last winter in the area we grew up...rural SC.  I had a difficult year selling the house up in MD while my hubby took a job 80 miles away to do what he always wanted to do but it never paid enough money to support a family of 5.   When I sold the home we bought a new camper and with a lot of trouble finally got to move on our property.  We moved from a large home in MD to this small camper(has a large...
I agree with the others, go to a women's shelter.  I was involved with one many years ago and there are more there in your situation than you could believe.  I will pray for you and the little one...God be with you
I have a 20 month old grandson.  While I did allow my doctors to influence me to give my babies the vaccines, they were not as many and not as strong 20 to 30 years ago.  My son doesnt approve of them, however the child's pediatrition has denied him as a patient so my grandson does not have regular growth ck ups.  I worry about this in case he ever does really get sick, however he is one of the healthiest babies I have ever seen, not one ear infection or throat...
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