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I didn't have time to post on the "IN LABOR!" thread after my water broke.  My baby girl arrived 3/2/13, 21 inches, 7 lb 10 oz
  one day away from 37 weeks
Renee is at the top of our list, as my husband's grandfather's name is Rene.   HOWEVER:  to accent or not to accent?  I feel like Renee is common enough that people know how to pronounce it even without the accent mark on the second of three Es, but I don't want to saddle my child with an accent that may cause havoc in databases that can't handle special fonts.  I'm a fan of diacritical marks in general.
22 weeks!
bit of an update:  just had my 20 week US and the tech showed a marginal placenta previa.  nothing to get hyped up about, as the placenta may not be that close to the cervix later on in my pregnancy.  another US at 32 weeks to find out.     in any case, while reading up on placenta previa, I found that cervical exams are rarely done with placenta previa bc the gentlest touch can cause painless, bright red bleeding.  that sounded familiar, and I wonder if that could...
    same as you two, scruff and buko!  everything between boobs and hips seems to be moving outward at the same pace, so there's no roundness to it yet.  still wearing all my normal pants, too.      
Buko!  I thought from the pic you posted that your DH might be Filipino.  My husband is half Filipino and I'm so hoping our babe has his thick black hair.     Other than that, we just joke about our kid either having his perfect eyesight and my straight teeth, or my terrible eyesight and his need for braces as an adolescent.  One of those combos would be like winning the lottery.  
Running about 20 miles/week at a pace that's one to two minutes per mile slower than usual, and about to go for a 9 mile run with my husband.  I'm coaching a high school cross country team and we ran six miles as a group yesterday.  I got mad at my fastest runners because I caught them walking and cutting the route short.  They said they were "tired."  I haven't told them I'm pregnant yet, but I wanted so badly to bust out with "you think you're tired? I'm seventeen...
snapped a pic before my run yesterday, so this would be 13 weeks and 5 days.  I can tell I'm thicker, but I don't think it will be obvious to anyone else for a long time.  I'm eating constantly to make sure I have enough fuel for running AND assembling a person, always looking for the most calorie dense food options that aren't complete junk.  I love peanut butter, but the school where I teach is a nut-free school.  I'm stocking my office with popcorn, fig newtons,...
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