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After my first it took several months before we even tried sex, and then it took another few months before it was regular, and maybe close to a year before it didn't hurt. I had a bad 3rd degree tear, close to 4th degree I think. After #2, we were back at it right around 6w PP with little to no pain. This time will likely be similar.  Keep trying,  you WILL have sex again, but it takes some patience and perseverence.   I don't see any reason why the lilypadz won't...
Here's Aoife at 6 days old.     And at 9 days old.  
Sorry your LO has trouble falling asleep :( Do you have a swaddling blanket? I have heard that those swaddle better than a regular receiving blanket. Since she likes being wrapped up, it might help her.   Blanca, have you tried nursing her before she fusses with hunger? Maybe she gets so hungry that she doesn't have patience for those small upsets...?   Fortunately, Aoife doesn't have trouble falling asleep. She likes to be held to fall asleep during the day, and...
My 4yo weaned a year ago this month, and started talking about nursing again in the last month before Aoife was born. I wouldn't let him try until last night because of nipple soreness, but when he tried, he remembered! I was surprised. I'm not sure how I feel about it, either. I don't really want him nursing again, but I don't want to say no either, because I have the sense it's something he needs right now emotionally, and that it will help him adjust to baby's being...
nursing is just now (at 9days PP) starting to be better. Our latch was painful from the very first time. Not excruciating, thankfully, but it hurt. LCs and one nurse helped some, all saying she needed to be latched on more deeply, but I couldn't make that happen reliably enough and my nipples ended up very sore and cracked. It wasn't until this past Sunday that things really started to improve, when my sister reminded me of pulling on baby's chin after latching on and...
Congratulations!! Sounds like a fast and furious labor. , thanks for sharing your story!
So glad so many of you are losing weight so quickly! That's awesome!   I'll be 1w PP tomorrow. I hadn't weighed myself at home in a couple months, but at the MWs office I was 220ish at my last appt (middle of the day, fully clothed of course). I weighed myself this morning and was 191. I started out around 155.
Congratulations! Love his name!
I got my placenta capsules yesterday. We weren't able to get the placenta until i left the hospital thanks to hospital rules so it was 48ish hours old when the encapsulator person we hired started on it. I've taken it now yesterday and today. So far i'm feeling pretty good, much more stable than I remember in my previous two PP experiences. I am hopeful that I will not deal with the emotional crap I did before!    
How stressful :(  I hope you're home now and that you're back to snuggling your little one. 
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