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Quote: Originally Posted by BurtsGirl I'm really glad you did think through it here. What great ideas. That's what I love so much about this circle and the idea that I can have a circle online to share with yet still practice solo. Makes me all mushy inside. Oh, and I wanted to say, I totally agree!
Greetings, all! Just popping in to say hi! Cool links, peacelove! This one made me think of you, Cari: http://www.raventreepewter.com/cgi/d..._num=Nature-70 (hmmm, I never noticed how, um, feminine a coffee bean is...) Life rolls on here in it's glorious, mysterious ways. I've been reading a lot. One book I've been reading asked "What would you do if you could be sure that you would not fail?". That has been interesting to think about. What would you answer?
Quote: Originally Posted by time4another I am going to visit the gravesite of my father, who died many years ago. I was not invited to his funeral and the negative energy surrounding his death and the honoring of his memory I need to cleanse from me in order to move on in my life and finally really do what I should be doing. By doing this, well its a huge step toward getting over the roadblock that it has meant for me. Heather Wow, this is...
ah ha- so maybe it comes down to your definition of being in love? Hmmm....
Hugs to you! This sounds really rough! Reading your post, I feel defense for you- no one has the right to say these mean things to you! Your husband choose you and he sound support you! Talk honestly and calmly with her husband. Seperation from toxic people can be a very good thing. Good luck!
Want to send you some support! I think you should talk to her about it- it sounds like the two of you are very close. Depending on her personality, you could simply say, "You know I care about you- and a lot of times you don't seem happy. Is that true? Do you think you are a happy person?" It could start the conversation... I think it is very hard to deal with a person who is always negative. I tend to connect with other's emotions, so it deadly for me. Yes, support...
Sure- I think it is possible. I have been. Love comes in many degrees/forms. Maybe the question is, is it wize to be in love with more than one person at a time? It often has to lead to some hard decisions- because is it fair to love two people at one time and not give either one of them what they deserve?
Fascinating posts, MSH! What you write resonates with me- that we(all living things and the entire Universe) are all connected in deep ways. I love science- it's a avenue of worship of the sacred to me. I shy away from organized religions and labels- but Pantheist suits me best I think. One of my favorite books in this area is Dirt: The Ecstatic Skin of the Earth by William Bryant Logan. I keep it by my bed and when I feel freaked out reading it is very calming. I just...
Natural Prayersby Chet Raymo "Natural Prayers is one man's rapturous account of his effort to locate himself on the surface of the earth, in the cycle of the seasons, in the wheeling universe."~Scott Russsell Sanders
Me too- brendon!!! I love the iPod nano DH gave me! The Flip video camera I got the family is really fun too (my 8 y.o. dd is making looks of videos which reminds me how I spent a lot of time with my tape recorder when I was about her age ) KB- your goat is so sweet! We have two Chashmere goats- I love them, but they are not cuddly.
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