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I love Buffy! Oooo, watch the musical- it's so fun!
Thank you, all, for the wonderful Solstice cards!
IMO, it's not to late! Joy to you.
Sorry- nevermind- I answered my own question.
Quote: Originally Posted by wombatclay Maybe if I spray the spider webs with a little glitter my MIL will think they're holiday decorations? Love it! Congratulations, Maeveypoo! How sweet! Happy birthday to Anton! Love his name, OTJ- I might have named a son that as I am a big Chekhov fan.
You may be interested in reading The Solstice Evergreen: the history, folklore, and origins for the christmas tree by Sheryl Ann Karas. I just got it from the library yesterday, so I can not comment on the whole book. But Chapter 1 was interesting
I wish you all a very happy and blessed Winter Solstice! I had a night full of very strange and rather dark dreams. I may have had a slight fever or maybe it is not a good idea to read Coyote tales right before sleeping. The Yule Cat is new to me. The kiddos are getting pjs today, but nothing for dh and I...are you sure jewelry doesn't count? Starflower~ wow! still without power! I'm really happy you and the family have found a freindly place to stay. ...
Quote: Originally Posted by Emmama Man, mamas, I am really saddened. I just need a hug, I think. I posted about it in my blog, but there are threads in TAO. It is making me not care about ANYTHING other than spending time with dh and the kids. You. Never. Know. to you and to you all! No, you never know. Everyday is a gift. Joyous Mother Night to you all! Happy New Moon to you all as well. Quote: Originally Posted by...
One of my favorite threads! I'm grateful for: ~the beautiful frosty weather ~having our electricity back ~lots of yummy food and drink ~health of dds and dh coming back ~that my Dad is soon getting out of the hospital ~that I got A's in my classes last semester ~that I have a nice, kind MDC friend- Greenlee! : ~that the Universe in abundant and the abundance flows and flows into my life
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