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Clarasmama- we are working with an upper lip tie too.  She is gaining weight but nursing isn't exactly dreamy.  I hope we'll just grow out of it!  How was the lasering?
so lovely!!!
Thanks ladies- apple sauce and yogurt it is for dinner!
If you ever want more pictures you can go visit my blog too... I'm having a lot to say this go around... littleanilia.blogspot.com :)
Hi ladies, I am looking for advice (or sympathy maybe, lol!) My son, who will be 4 in april, is not sleeping very well.  He wakes up at 5am or earlier and complains of being hungry.  (it was 3:30 this morning.) He then wakes everyone in the house to get breakfast.  We can sometimes get him back to bed, but mostly it is all over at this point.  We started putting together food in the fridge that he can get out and eat himself but he still demands that someone help and...
tbutton- you can just trim off the bottom of the onesie and make it into a shirt!  Especially if you have lots of them.  Jersey cotton doesn't need to be hemmed or you can just do a rolled hem on the machine.  They tend to work best this way if you use one size up from what ever he is wearing currently. The thirsties duo wraps are pretty great.  But if you aren't dressing him then it sounds like what you are doing works great.   
Oh, oh! He is so cute!  I'll share!   We never dressed my son because he was so small and it was warmer.  This girl is always dressed, usually in wool and wrapped in a blanket.  She hates to have her feet uncovered and so we try to keep socks on her all the time too. :)   Her first day with Oma and big brother.         Her cuteness. :)    
Aruss- You probably already know this- but B-12 and omega 3's are probably very deleted so you should up those for the anxiety and depression. Tbutton- You are likely to already know about elimination diets for the colic- taking out hard to digest foods from your diet.  Onions, cabbage, garlic and often dairy, etc.  You can search the internet for a full list.  If you go down to the most basic diet and then add things back one at a time you might be able to narrow down...
Our transition has been pretty good. my son is having meltdowns all over the place but loves his "baby Sissie" so much, so at least she is safe and loved.  His melt downs are directed at everything else... I think this is our last baby and i am trying to savor each day. 12 days today- she is so magical.  I think my husband wants a vasectamy this year.  I'm okay with no more, but I will miss the baby stage- I love the first year so much.
Good luck!!
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