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Alright, I need all you sage lady's advice!  I have strep b (and had it last time) and I need to get rid of it if possible or something before January.  It about ruined my birth with my son by forcing me into the hospital way before I was in labor and I am not letting that happen this time.  The dr's I have are much more interventiony than the midwives I saw before.  Because of insurance, I have very little choice in that, so I want to take care of it before it becomes...
Sept 5th we should find out.  If the little one cooperates, of course.  another good appt, happiness all around today!
Super easy pizza dough so dinner takes maybe 10 minutes hands on time.   Pizza Dough: 1 cup whole wheat flour 1 cup white flour 1 scant tsp salt 2 tsp Baking Powder 2/3 cup water 1/4 cup olive oil Bake 425 for 13-17 min.  Substitute gluten free flours if you want. :)   My 3 yr old helps and we're ready to go.  No rise so there is no planning ahead or waiting.  Always makes everyone happy.  My son sits in front of the oven and waits for the pizza...
No idea here.  I was so sure with my son and never even looked.  But this one could be anything.  I am leaning toward girl but don't know if that is just cause I want to balance of energy in the house...  I think we'll find out toward the beginning of September.  14 weeks tomorrow!!
ps- how are you keeping it to yourself? Are you telling people you don't know or just not sharing?  I can only imagine my MIL if I told her I knew and wasn't telling!!
Can't wait to know!  My 3 yr old son thinks it is a girl and has been picking pink yarn for me.  Cute!
oh Mamamojo!  try not to freak out.  Each baby needs something different!  Take deep breaths and make the healthiest choices you can.  You'll be fine!  And put that scale away!  
This is really interesting!
I'm in Baltimore.  Hoping one day to move to Asheville, NC.
I know I am new here, but I joined because I needed the support I saw on your boards, so I am sure you won't mind me too much! :) I got to hear a heartbeat again today at 12w4d and I cried like a baby!  I've been so afraid the last several weeks that things weren't going well.  I so needed to hear that confirmation.  Tell me- what is making you smile so hard your face is going to break today?
New Posts  All Forums: